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Spirit Contact


We contact spirits in the same way we sense our loved ones at a distance. A divinatory method isn’t absolutely necessary. In fact, you are likely more in contact than you may have realized you are. The contained system we… Seek More

Methods of Spirit Communication


There are various methods of communicating with the spirit world and the presences that are there. Meditation: One of the most easy methods, and the way most stumble across it, is meditations. At times in meditation one looses themselves enough… Seek More

Spiritual Q&A


Here are a few questions that I have received in some of my talks. Maybe you’ve wondered as well.  If our ancestors and family who have passed over are supposed to be watching over us, what exactly are they doing? … Seek More

Crystal Magick


The material uses of things in magic (or whatever you prefer to call your practice) stem from one type of insight, that the world is interconnected. Hermetic philosophy refers to these connections as correspondences, and they have been viewed in… Seek More

Using the Power

Sacred Places

Tuning in is like wireless internet the old way.  Our legends of information being shared over great distances, by any who focused on feeling the power in the world, are so common as to be refutable only in particular elements,… Seek More

Our Footprint


There is a Chinese concept, they call it doing non doing. We are busy doing, and we aren’t even where we are because we are so busy doing and thinking about doing. In doing non doing you just do without… Seek More

Spiritual Forces


I’ve heard you say “in the grip of some spiritual force” and then say “they are inside you.” I wanted to ask, do you ever give props to a power outside of us? Actually, yes I do, if I understand… Seek More

Walking With Spirit


There was a goddess named Hathor, the hippo who governed the Nile.  You were considered to need to cross the Nile so they invoked the aid of the Bison Goddess by imitating her act of creation. The shaping of human bodies… Seek More

Heart Synchronicity


How do we change a thinking “skeme”? The way you change a thinking pattern is the same way you form one. It starts with no effort.  Just a notion like “I really enjoy cake“. As you have more experience with… Seek More

Aware of Spirits


Usually children or pets tend to be aware of the world differently. The young animals that have bonded with people, and the children not brainwashed by imperialistic schooling. So often, someone who has a surviving pet, or a child that was… Seek More