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Remember! Your not officially crazy untill you go…
It’s good to remember.

Spirit Speaks In Presences in Grounding


If I decide I like standing in the clear flat street under the open sun, but I don’t accept that there are moving cars present on that street, what will happen?

Travis pancake. Yes. So how much do people hurt? How sturdy of a house can you build from spiritual pancakes?

First, they will honk at you most likely and try to stop themselves. People try many things. I don’t even use the word “try”. I assume not that people will try anything, and I ignore any statements that involve the word try. I know that people do things, and they want to do some things as well as not want to do others. But ultimately what happens to people, and what they do, is a spiritual matter. It has nothing to do with whatever judgements they make that lead them to say that they will try. The spirit speaks only in presences. Things that actually are. Things that actually happen. Your ignoring the world spirit gets you run over.

There is a way the world is and it isn’t evil. It isn’t selfish. Those are human judgements and delusional. But literally, the language of God is presences. God said let there be light and there was light, and God said it was good. Which means God intended for light to endure. He became invested in light. God is the spirit behind light, and all things that exist of themselves which excludes forms. God lives, the spirit lives, and if you listen it talks to you in that friendly little squirrel that just seems to find you fascinating, or that innocent little toddler that hugs your leg for no reason. The dog is all to eager to have you pet it even though you don’t feed it. God can be seen all over the place.

This is why animals and children find certain people fascinating? They are drawn to the spirit. Their memory of spirit is still pretty clear.

Have you seen your soul lately?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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