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Practice and the Personal Path

Light Practice

So what do the psychic realms of function mean personally? We all come to a metaphysical or spiritual practice with our essence as it always was, even if we don’t understand our own nature well and often times we engage… Seek More

True Freedom


Meaning is often underplayed in the world, even among seekers. People enjoy freedom or their idea of freedom, but the meaning of freedom is lost. They speak of no barriers, but freedom has meaning in the context of barriers. Seekers… Seek More

Flying in Spirit


Do you have flying dreams? In the dream did the flight feel like defying gravity, or more like an immersion in something else? Like a force acting on you rather than flying by some force of will or by any act… Seek More

Contact in Spirit


In the spiritual realm, the center of the persons spirit creates a zone around them. I call this the logos. In the Bible they say in the beginning was the word, and the word was God and was with God.… Seek More

Karma and Liberation in Jainism


Jainism is a religion of Indian origin, but with a minority following that may be the oldest example of an ascetic religion in the world, and does still exist today. It shares many concepts with Vedantism, also known as Vedic… Seek More

Channeling Technique


I practice a channeling but not like it’s popularly practiced, and I don’t usually put my method forward because it seems very alien. There is a simple idea. Energy is life, so matter is life also. Energy forms fields that are… Seek More



Dreams, emotions, thoughts and words are resonant portals within the astral. They tend to aggregate. There are “higher” and “lower” vibratory thoughts, and there is also harmonious or dissonant, elemental or spiritual, all sorts of coordinates. I don’t need to… Seek More

Animal Spirit Elders

Native American

The Native American culture has differing origin/creation stories.  They all generally believed in a great spirit and the animal spirits were considered elders. Humans were seen as young in the world, but to their view animals were spirits, not necessarily confined… Seek More

Union with Self


Desirous of peers is one thing, desirous of personal union another? You will have no genuine union with a peer until you have genuine union with self. Otherwise the world is as ashes on the tongue, present but it feels… Seek More

Force of Love


The subject is love, and I will be attempting to discuss love in a broad sense. There is a principle in nature, and by nature I don’t mean the conventional sense, but nature as the primal essence from which evident… Seek More