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The Attachments

What are the big attachments? Money is one and many find that no amount of money is enough. This is supposedly a good thing, but they make themselves miserable in the pursuit of money. Money isn’t evil but attachment to… Seek More

Meanings in Tarot


Pentacles in the minor arcana represent physical progress. Cups represent gathering, the first mystery of the heart. They are the suit in the minor arcana of the personal life in contrast to the physical or mental, and then wands which… Seek More

Love What You Love


Ever notice those who seem to have a lot don’t seem to really want it? Those who want a lot never seem to have enough? The problem is not wanting or having no wants. Wanting is pretty irrelevant, and this… Seek More

It’s A Game


The topic is play. Plato has a saying and I’ll paraphrase. He said you can learn more about a person from an hour of play than a year of conversation. What do you think of this friends? Yeahhh, get me… Seek More

Romance Adventure

Romance isn’t a nebulous sensation you feel sometimes. Romance is a status of a relationship, and actually any relationship can be at a point of “romance.” I was even looking at a picture that had the main character from House and… Seek More

Genuine Romance


I myself find people fascinating. In a sense that makes me a romantic, as I become very invested in the experience of human lives and the trials of their relationships and existence. One of the things my wife notices about… Seek More

Spiritual Romance


What is it about the quality of something like a beautiful sky that moves us to feel romance? Psychologically, it’s been called “biophilia”. We instinctively have positive responses to witnessing things that are life supportive. I feel romance for things… Seek More

Strong Engagement


Romance can apply to any relationship, even a temporary one such as a discussion. You have a romance when there is strong engagement. I was immersed in the romance of the Olympics. Sports is engagement hence romance? All sport is… Seek More

In Love


The subject is romance, and is romance all that it’s cracked up to be in your experiences, friends? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. No, and I’ve never considered myself romantic. Yes. It can be wonderful. An inconsistency suggests there is something… Seek More

Look Inside


Why does personal presence become lost to the identity in a relationship? Wouldn’t a good relationship help you to know more fully who you are? It can if it involves a person who already has some idea of who they… Seek More