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Eros is Your Spirit

Eros Sculpture

This sculpture exemplifies energy transference between a “Couple”. The consuming being mutual, each consuming the other. This transference is continual regardless if it is sexual or not (erotic). by Trinity Hunghi Eros is your spirit. Eros is forever your spirit.… Seek More

It’s Not Pointless


Futility is not even entropy. Futility is wasted energy, gradually decreasing. Entropy is gradually increasing energy. Pointing at the supposed inevitability of decay as an explanation for why we should just tolerate a sense of futility is even logically invalid,… Seek More

Gender Genetics


The subject is gender identification, or identity rather, broader than identification. Perhaps some facts first. In utero, a baby only has one gender characteristic and all babies develop this characteristic first. Anatomically, we all start out female. As the baby… Seek More

Romantic Maturity


One reaches romantic maturity when they have accepted their “opposite” side, and instead of looking for their opposite, they look for the truly “other.” Someone who’s total self is genuinely other than they are. Who can actually contribute to their… Seek More



Synergy is not so much something to attain, as it’s a literal fact. Synergy is when two or more things act as a greater whole than the identifiable parts, and “life” is synergy on a grand scale. Where people get… Seek More

Greatest Error


The Pali Cannon is right, totally right, but most people I have met don’t really understand why. The greatest error is false identification. It gets explained in a very ham fisted way as “ego”, but you don’t correct an error… Seek More

Sanity Delusion


Your mind has always been operating on the “implicate order”, but you have been ignoring it. Your subconscious mind ignores nothing and processes any and all experiential identities. If it has a form, your subconscious mind recognizes and remembers it,… Seek More

Greater Whole


Synergy can be loosely defined as two or more things operating as a greater whole. In unity (and people are very much into the unity buzzword these days), reality cannot operate outside of its nature. Everything is constantly operating as… Seek More

Wholeness Of Synergy


You were born from synergy, and when your flesh and blood transforms back into the synergy you will just move into a different state of synergy. The spirit and the flesh are one, because there can be no greater or… Seek More

Self Is Life


With some people it’s just not possible to be very synergic? Dissonance exists, yes, but it does not exclude synergy. Dissonance is cramped flow, snarled connections, and all these snarls can be circumvented. Without ego you have “just self”. You… Seek More