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What is Scientism?


Scientism: The precept that science is the foundation of all knowledge and that all truth can be arrived at by empirical method. Does this seem presumptuous, even crazy? The scientific method is a relatively new fangled thing. To think it… Seek More

Shape Your World

Part of why some metaphysical practices seem to fail is that you deal with the energy of doubt, of fear, of hope. If you try to manifest, you confront the whole world within you. This is why people often feel… Seek More

Role Playing

Role Play

One of the appeals of fantasy role playing even in the way it started which was Dungeons & Dragons, was that the characters from mythology (the heroes) are ultimately us and represent all the types. Those types still exist, just… Seek More

Tantric Practice


Normally, Tantric rites are observed in a very sacramental way. Selective diet before the coming together, contemplative meditation, prayer to ready the participants mentally and emotionally because during the embrace there is surrender. Totally for the female, and surrender in… Seek More

Night Dwellers


Channelling is usually involuntary. Like those of flesh and blood they want me to do stuff, but don’t want to compensate nor return favours. So I’m generally resistant. But with someone yammering in your ear even if you ignore them…… Seek More

A Lesson In Life by Wesley Crites

Guest Blog

Life gives us many hard lessons, but the hardest one of all is the passing of a true friend.  Harder still is helping load him into the unceremoniously gray van.  The hardest yet will be helping to carry his coffin,… Seek More

Be Where You Are


Happiness is so simple it’s confusing, but generally it confuses children very little. We were all at one time happy. It’s sort of a natural state, and we experience it when we aren’t worried about all the “adult” things which… Seek More

People Are


Aren’t people basically just selfish, and talking about all this stuff a bit of a waste of time? Hmm, my son has a strange habit. When I take him out to eat he will order something he wants, then he… Seek More

Learned Hate


Hate is learned. We ascribe evil qualities to fire, because it seems to lay things to waste. We do not permit it place. In the natural dynamic tension there is no hate. Fire does not hate, and its energy though… Seek More

Enthusiasm For Life


Envy isn’t clearly delineated. You can envy in countless ways. You can envy someone’s ideas and not recognize it as envy. As you are busy envying their ability to have these ideas, you aren’t listening to them. Nor having the… Seek More