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Smiles start diplomacy. Conflict resolution without blood shed. Gallons and gallons of too much blood shed and it wasn’t from passion. Was actually very cold. Indoctrinated passion…unnatural.

Why Does Work Seem to Fail? in Work


Are there any moments in which you do no work?

I suppose even if I am watching TV, then my brain is working. I get story ideas.

Biologically, breathing is work.

Thoreau had some interesting remarks on work, which I will draw loosely from. What is the difference between your work and the passage of the sun over head?

Both involve force x distance. Both have some phase of occurrence in your own mind do they not?

The sun doesn’t use my muscles? The sun does in a sense use your muscles, in a subtle way, influencing your metabolism, drawing your eye, even influencing the behaviour of gravity around you in a subtle way.

Can we really draw a line between work and “non-work” events?

Only in attitude? Attitude, yes. Attitude is a distorting factor in this issue, intention. Attitude = intention. Can you have intention without attitude, or the reverse?

No. I don’t think so. So why does work seem to fail? Why does it go wrong or seem not to happen?

Wrong attitude. Our expectations? Is there a difference between expectation and intention, functionally?

I think expectation shapes intention. Can you have expectations without intentions?

It feels too good to watch TV and drink wine, rather than do what I know I should do. What is this knowing that tells you you should work? I tell myself I should work, because I have goals to achieve so I don’t feel like a slob. Deficit motivation.

But yes, can we have expectations without intentions? Imagine you have no expectations, what can you intend?

Without intention, I don’t even think about outcomes, so no expectation.

I think we can have intensions without expectations. Though most people do have expectations, which are usually incorrect. How would you know you intended something? If you have no expectations, how would you know you intended anything at all?

I can try to do something even if I expect it to fail, though my efforts will be diminished. Yes, the problem is not expectations, it’s denial. This love humans have for exclusion, and well, the nature of the exclusion is more delusion than anything. If I gave you a map and all the tools to find your way to a treasure that would make you ridiculously wealthy for the rest of your life, but you insisted on only using a portion of them, and walking about with one eye closed constantly, hopping along on one foot as you try to get to the x on the map. How would that go?

Not well. You would likely come to some serious downfall, if not hit the end of your road.

That’s why psychopaths are often so successful. They let nothing get in their way. They actually embrace everything. They deny nothing, see everything is relative, but even they are lost. Things go even more horribly wrong for them than most other people experience. Is this not so?

I would love to think so. Blood calls to blood, loss to loss.

But deep down I think they rise to the top. This affects you, not me, not them, only you. The top of a dung heap is still a dung heap.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em I suppose. You really want to be the fattest maggot?

Better than being a starving maggot I guess. Well, in the end all the blind starve, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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