Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Efforts Are Not Pointless in Work


We like small frames of reference. We are willing to accept success in whatever form it seems possible, often to the point we never even question it, but how well will nature reward our current model of success?

Why people get addicted to games I think, hollow successes. Why are the successes hollow? They don’t affect real life. Do real life successes affect real life?

Getting the best gear for my level 85 mage doesn’t do squat to pay my electric bill. Does paying you electric bill establish any lasting outcome? And getting the best gear for your level 85 mage might pay your electric bill if you were a gold farmer.

It allows me to see, eat, pee, and be here to interact with you. Paying the electric bill or not is not the only thing that enables or can disable that. You can be arbitrarily evicted from your home, robbed blind of all your possessions, oh the list is endless, and yet things do seem to have the potential to persist, and you can engage in what you consider persistent effort. Why is that possible?

If there is a will, there is a way. Will, intention, attitude, expectations. You persist because you expect that your efforts are not pointless. We all have to live with expectations, and our interactions with other people are dependent on expectations. There is no getting around it. Your power company expects payment, everyone expects some form of anything or everything, and it all eventually happens. Even farfetched inventions, over time, tend to happen. If they succeed at downloading people’s minds onto computers, the old fashioned notion of a machine that can talk with the dead will be a reality.

So what is really happening when we fail to get work done? What is wrong with the people we think of as lazy or shiftless? What do they expect?

They are actually unhappy people. They have learned to content themselves with little, but have you ever met a lazy person who could avoid whining about other people? Can the shiftless individual avoid claiming that what’s expected of them is unfair?

If they live alone, yes. Even then they can’t, because they can access nothing without contacting people, food, shelter, none of it. Why do people withdraw like that? They try to unplug from the world so hard that they will self-harm to achieve some degree of disconnection?

I think survivor man doesn’t get along with people well. He has negative expectations, perhaps, poor design of intention. Survivor man has to survive.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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