'Work' Chapter


So what is really happening when we fail to get work done? What is wrong with the people we think of as lazy or shiftless?

Once choice is made, the rest is mere consequence. You choose every behavior you have. After the creative work you must rest and accept the consequences, but if you know that the creative media is at hand at any time, because you can be present at any time, well, doesn’t that seem to offer choices? Make the choice where you actually have the choice. The world doesn’t control you. It’s just a mirror, or a camera. It just copies you. It doesn’t actually have your soul.

“I have found there are three stages to every great work of God: first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” J. Hudson Taylor (English Missionary)

“Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.” Fernando Flores

What is Work?

What is work? Stuff I avoid. I think perhaps unsuccessfully. What we feel obliged to do. A task that can be accomplished. Work = force x distance. That’s the basic equation. I’m thinking of Hannah Arendt. She defines labor as… Seek More

Denial as Selective Focus

Let’s explore that concept of denial as selective focus. If we see selection as denial, it leads to the notion of their being a single outcome does it not? That we can rule out outcomes by rejection of elements of our… Seek More

Events Around You

So to return, what is the difference between your ideas and your experience of events? Events are more material? Phase. Phase, verb, phased, phas•ing. noun 1. any of the major appearances or aspects in which a thing of varying modes… Seek More

Why Does Work Seem to Fail?

Are there any moments in which you do no work? I suppose even if I am watching TV, then my brain is working. I get story ideas. Biologically, breathing is work. Thoreau had some interesting remarks on work, which I… Seek More

Efforts Are Not Pointless

We like small frames of reference. We are willing to accept success in whatever form it seems possible, often to the point we never even question it, but how well will nature reward our current model of success? Why people… Seek More

Design Your Experience

Who has design as part of their career or former career? Where do you start when you are going to create a design? I do research. Decide what mood I want to create and then look at other work that creates… Seek More

You Are Free

We create our own resistances, our own restrictions. They are made out of “human nature”, and your human nature is not the same as mine. We need not confine ourselves to one set of tools. The story can be multi-media… Seek More

Your Inner Being Can Be Shaped

What if you decide you don’t want something and take steps to change it, is that still a reaction? Yes, defined by rejection of the entire process, but it might be a good start as long as it doesn’t lead… Seek More

Power of Libido

Let’s think of a situation that makes you want to leave. Anyone want to share one? A bad relationship. We tend to linger in those, why? Hoping to fix it. Fix it. What would happen if you examined yourself in… Seek More

Jumping Through the Hoops

My way of dealing with difficult people? If I actually want to exercise power? When I choose to exercise power with a difficult person, I find that part of myself that resonates with their state. It’s usually bitterness and contempt.… Seek More