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The way of control is in the way of the controlled. The concept of control is what prevents control. It implies something must be controlled.

Your Inner Being Can Be Shaped in Work


What if you decide you don’t want something and take steps to change it, is that still a reaction? Yes, defined by rejection of the entire process, but it might be a good start as long as it doesn’t lead to a chain of such rejections. We can become very well practiced nihilists that way. You have to go further than ground zero. Artists are often notoriously nihilistic, often seriously jaded.

Because we tend to get shat upon. And shit upon yourselves, also. Artists shit themselves all the time. What is artist’s inspiration but an ‘Oh shit!” moment?

More a ‘holy shit’ moment. Ah indeed, if your art runs that way it can be holy instead of profane.

So why do you keep slapping people with your intestines? Especially the small, the colon and all.

To see their reaction? Yes. You look to see their reaction, and are likely disappointed. You intuit there is something more, something that could occur, that lays behind the surface of it all. You think maybe you might see the real person emerge in response to your art. Does that happen? Art fans are often just as jaded as artists, sometimes more so.

If art takes on a life of its own, then that can be considered a success. Ah, art taking on life of its own. How does that happen?

People have told me what they think I’m doing and sometimes it makes me see motivations that I wasn’t conscious of.

People see things in it that you didn’t even intend and they project themselves into it.

So where do we actually get to make choices?

Before we create it? The spirit moves within a person before it emerges in action. You contain not only your own spirit but an entire world. Your inner being can be shaped as you choose. Where the true heart flows can be directed, channeled. Where the deepest eye goes can be directed. You see one reality and paint for yourself another, and then convince yourself that the painted reality is real and the only reality there is. In looking for objects, you ignore essences. In looking at your body, you ignore your being.

The body changes in not one way but two. Like any hologram, it has to both have a reference beam of light and an interference beam of light. The circumstances that affect you, disease, age, conflict of will, natural and social hardship, these are only the working beam. The substance of the hologram itself is yours to create with, not the working beam. You can’t break the projector and expect the image to still be visible, so why do people try?

They don’t know any other way. Ignorance. I suppose this is true. This reality and this culture does little or nothing to equip someone to understand this so instead we live without choice, leave randomly. What acts if not you? Live as well as leave randomly. Live always leaving, never arriving, always transitioning and never arriving anywhere. Do you act? Do you choose?

Arriving is full of doubt, not knowing what will happen. Leaving feels empowering. I can see why that seems so, but it’s the exact opposite of the truth. If you arrive, if you are fully present, then you understand that what endures is you yourself. You understand the persistent and lasting creation. You become able to see its color and shape, feel its substance and test its strength, and make choices about how it will change.

“I have arrived!” is used with power. “I have left!” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The GPS says that “you have arrived!” It does indeed, and you feel very accomplished, but the sculptor was accomplished the moment he laid hands on the clay.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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