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The wise have one foot in insanity, and the sane have one foot in the grave.

You Are Free in Work


We create our own resistances, our own restrictions. They are made out of “human nature”, and your human nature is not the same as mine. We need not confine ourselves to one set of tools. The story can be multi-media instead of just text. The program can have jokes written into the code and not interfere with the code. The system can have a smiley face patterned into the circuit and the circuit will still work.

Do you experience yourself to have failed at anything?

Often. Why? I didn’t achieve the goal I set for myself. You are bigger than your experiences, which are just your choices.

And yes, I’m fat too. You have made a choice regarding diet. Diety, as well as which diet of bishops you might respect. You have built your menu. You behave logically always.

I try to. The only bishops I respect are on the chess board. Actually, you respect those who you take inspiration for your art from. They have their own christening, a spirit they move under the aegis of. It seems like you fail, because you have already chose to fail, in a sense, but you actually never fail. You just succeed at something else. Every failure that distresses you is simply a successful choice. All your actual choices have come to fruition, because choosing isn’t thought. Your choices aren’t the same as your imaginings. They aren’t the same as your rationality. How often does your life seem like just a string of consequences?

We’re getting something we want from it, as twisted as that might seem? We love to be right. We are ravenous for justification.

I am suspicious of consequences. Excellent, always be suspicious of consequences, but don’t stop there. The bars are broken, the lock picked, you are free, you just have to remember that.

Would the majority of people not describe real life as a chain of cause and effect? Action and consequence?

They definitely would. Is there any choice in that model? If so, where is the opportunity for choice?

They will fight you tooth and nail when you even suggest they had choice in it. When do you get to choose anything? Do you get to choose after consequence? Do you get to choose after action?

You can choose your reaction to it. Is there much range in reactions? Is there really freedom there?

Luckily there is another action coming. Which still confines you to action and reaction. If you forever choose only after the fact, after the event, if you are always choosing reactions, well then that whole script was all written for you in advance. You didn’t really choose. Is this unfair to say? Crazy perhaps?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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