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Design Your Experience in Work


Who has design as part of their career or former career? Where do you start when you are going to create a design?

I do research. Decide what mood I want to create and then look at other work that creates that mood.

I think about it and wait for an idea.

Idea and then collecting information.

Do you do this with your perception? You wait for ideas of what your experience might be? Research what a feeling might mean?

Yes, then I would start sketching and seeing how it works which would lead to more ideas.

I then find the best examples of what I like, then break them down into their individual elements and observe how each element affects the feeling of the design. Then I try to construct my own style using the best elements.

When you go to the grocery store, have you examined the ways it’s possible to experience grocery stores?

Some people do, most people just get what they want and leave. They do examine the ways it’s possible to experience grocery stores? I would say only the designer of the grocery store does that.

Do they know what part they play in the experience of the grocery store?

Experts in grocery store design do, but no one else does really.

I have experienced grocery stores in different ways.

So peoples experience of the grocery store is designed for them. What would you behave like in the grocery store if you designed your own experience of it?

It would be more fun. Do you know the elements of your own thought and emotion that go into painting the picture of the grocery store?

It would be a website. I would click click and have it delivered to me. And grocery delivery websites do exist.

My expectations is that it will be the same old thing. Are you aware of anything other than your expectation?

I usually think of it as a chore, but sometimes when I get there, I start looking at things, especially at the Asian markets. Sometimes I take photos of the produce. They have squid flavoured peanuts. Did you capture those pictures, or did they capture you?

I think the squid captured her and sucked her down and made her nuts. Very Lovecraft.

Some of both, the image captured me, then I captured it. I think we are getting closer, but let’s use something less open, dentist’s offices. So do you know how to design your experience of the dentist office?

Floss regularly. Reactions. I don’t mean behavior. Behavior comes later. I mean the literal experience. Even taking a photo is behavior, creative behavior, but you are still not designing the experience.

Expect they will improve or maintain my health? Once choice is made, the rest is mere consequence. You choose every behavior you have. You think you just feel like it, but the choice was made before the action ever took place, before the circumstances that would lead to the action even arose.

One person here has chosen to see her life as story, which sometimes confines her to the role of a character in that story. Another has chosen to see his life as craft, which sometimes confines him to the role of tool in that craft.

Why am I the antagonist in the story of my own life? You are the antagonist in the story of your own life because the choice is artificial, changeable, and mutable.

Another has chosen to see her life as a system, which sometimes confines her to the role of a rule in that system. I have chosen to see my life as failed/death, which sometimes confines me to the role of waste on midden heap.

Come join the maggots. Sometimes I am the maggot, sometimes I am the vulture who gets to corpse early, and sometimes I am the wind that carries the vulture to its feast. How many roles do you know you play?

It depends on what my partner enjoys. So you never know then, because you don’t really know the role they are projecting onto you.

That’s part of the adventure. That’s part of the confinement.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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