It would be much more honest to say, ‘See you yesterday.’ For most, it’s what they see.

Power of Libido in Work


Let’s think of a situation that makes you want to leave. Anyone want to share one?

A bad relationship. We tend to linger in those, why?

Hoping to fix it. Fix it. What would happen if you examined yourself in that situation?

We also remember how good it used to be. How it seemed to be good in the past, dreams and phantoms. Of what is a relationship created from?

Hopes and misconceptions? Self. At one point our self was in harmony with this other person. On some level, to the degree that we even saw ourselves, we saw a little glimmer, and thought “Oh, how beautiful!” We thought it was them so we try to change them, because we want out self back. How can that work?

You shaped yourself to fit what you thought that other person wanted. You shaped nothing. The initial recognition, love at first sight, what got you hooked in the first place, was not created by you. This is why it feels real.

Boobs. Yes, even sexual attraction. People never actually shape themselves in relationships. A man can be an artist of libido, but instead just tries to bury it in his partner.

I used to think about that, how he liked my inspiration/intuition, and then insisted that I learn to think logically.

The outward appearance is what people are attracted to initially, on both sides.

I have heard of and even met homely people who others found very attractive. I knew an ugly guy who had little difficulty talking his way into women’s beds. Something more than sex is involved in first love. Something more than hunger is involved in needing to eat. There is a reality driving the surface experiences.

Confidence or expertise is also attractive. Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

I knew a woman who acted like she was attractive, the way she moved and flirted. She wasn’t physically, but all the guys thought she was.

With libido I can shape a perception of the world that resonates with the force of sex all throughout reality. I can encompass an awareness of the life affirming creative process as it moves through the entire world, speak to the desire to revel in the flesh in all people, all beings. I can gentle the lusts of a wild beast. I can fire the inspiration to overcome any obstacle by harnessing the power of libido.

Can you get dogs to stop humping your leg? I can indeed. In fact, I can avoid the dog ever humping my leg, because what you sense, you are, and what you are, you can shape, you can make choices regarding. This sound just bonkers?

Picasso, I believe, said that no one can be a sorcerer at all times, and he was right. After the creative work you must rest and accept the consequences, but if you know that the creative media is at hand at any time, because you can be present at any time, well, doesn’t that seem to offer choices? Does this sound too farfetched and inaccessible?

I think successful people do it all the time. Do they do it well?

Some do. Many? I don’t know them personally. Few then. You know what they say, six degrees of separation and all that. They must be at the sixth degree, maybe.

The law of attraction people talk about shooting out rockets of desire. Is that like what you are talking about? No, because that still objectifies something else, a target to be hit, something that is not yet.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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