If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

No Work From Fear in Work


Let’s say no one has to work from fear. You need fear nothing from society if you don’t work as directed by someone. No punishment if you don’t take orders. Instead, as you go about your day, people simply ask for your help. What would the world be like then?

You’re more willing to give when you’re not forced. Once you find out you’re not being taken advantage of.

Well, if no one feared anything at all, people would become narcissistic. Sometimes you need a little hardship to grow up.

Ideas just bubble out. People would want to help each other.

Do you ever really want to create something and not share it? Let’s say I’m going to write a book, but I will never share it with a single individual. I will destroy it before I lose ownership of it through death. What would that seem like?

That’s called a diary. Actually, even diaries wind up being shared. In the end they are called memoirs, or they wind up in the keeping of a spouse. Most people just don’t keep diaries at all.

Kafka wanted his stories destroyed. Why did he want that? He gave a lot of unfinished ones to his friend, if memory serves, and asked him to destroy them when he died but the friend didn’t.

I write down lots of ideas that I don’t share with others. I save them for myself.

Fear stops us from sharing.

Fear of it being read and the person taking it all wrong.

We fear sharing our thoughts in an environment of fear. It’s a natural conclusion, sensible really.

True, it may be fear that stops us from sharing, but that doesn’t mean the fear is unfounded. The world is full of bad people. Fearing what they will do is realistic. But not sane. The world is full of fearful people.

What makes someone bad?

Selfishness. What makes someone selfish?

Lack of maturity. Can any great work be done without public permission? Is any great work done with public permission?

Some is done in spite of what the public thinks. I’m thinking of folk art houses.

Have there been anything other than selfish artists? Mother Theresa was known for ignoring prompts from her church to change her activities. Was that something other than selfish? Ghandi lead his movement for entirely self driven reasons. No one picked him. He even could have blended in to Indian society quite comfortably, lead a posh life. Were his motivations something other than selfish?

Everyone has times when they are selfish and times when they are selfless. Which way they lean is a matter of personality.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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