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Will matters and your will is free.

Work with Fear of the Consequences in Work


Have you ever produced something while you were having fun?

Yes. Isn’t productivity work?

Sometimes work and play can be the same. Why are they ever different?

When the work lasts longer than the period of interest.

In work someone else has made the rules?

It feels like work when it’s forced. Play when it flows easily.

I will offer a definition of toil and tell me what you think. Toil is work with fear of the consequences. It doesn’t matter if the consequences are supposedly positive or negative. We can fear positive outcomes to our work. Would this be any less a sort of toil?

Yes, like the too good to be true idea, or that it won’t last long so don’t get used to it.

I remember fearing it because I was good at it and people would ask me to do more.

Now your fear is not your own fear. The things you have learned to fear in life have been almost completely taught to you. How did that happen? You only have a few instinctive fears that are built into your brain and senses from the start.

People trying to protect you. Teach the child not to run with scissors. Indeed, you have it exactly. Why do they want to protect you?

Their fear of seeing you hurt. Arguably, it could be from simple empathy, sometimes is as you point out, but is that really the most common reason?

Sense of duty. Duty, job, role. They want to protect you because you are an asset. Is this fair to say?

Our society throughout the historical period of its existence has focused on that. Its members are an asset, to the point that ancient tribes dealt in the bridal exchange is if it were trading for an asset. Was there a time when this wasn’t the way humanity saw its own members?

Probably not. Does any culture see it any differently? The exact language behind it has changed, has had to. Our technology and education levels have changed. We are much better educated now, much more full of fear. Is this not so?

As you can see in all the warning labels.

“Fear is the smell when ignorance takes a shit.”

What motivates the current trend toward pushing materialistic rationalism? Is it because it is emotionally or spiritually uplifting?

It makes me laugh when they keep talking about making drugs illegal since smugglers don’t tend to listen to laws anyway. They don’t fear the law. Indeed, even bankers don’t listen to laws. Governors don’t listen either. They want their assets. They want you, and they want you to keep the faith, which is fear.

It drives them to make it a game.

They know how to bribe politicians.

So what do these kind of people fear who seem to fear nothing? No one is free of fear.

Harm to family.

Losing their fame is a fear. Losing their power.

That’s why things like the occupation movement were such a controversy. If it were just a new trend of taking recreational picnics in the park, no one would have cared. A system based on fear can only work when all its parts are filled with fear, no exceptions. It dominates the economic thinking.

“No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected.” – Julius Caesar

They can stay in the park until they come up with an agenda, then they have to leave.

So what would our society look like if people behaved without these automatic fears?

David Lynch said something about how he couldn’t believe business uses fear to control people. That it would never work on a film set. He felt he got better performances when people were relaxed and feeling good. Oh, he’s absolutely right. Any creative work, anything relying on human intuition requires that.

True, but all the crew do the work to get paid and the actors fear not being famous.

They would be willing to make suggestions and try new things if they weren’t going to get yelled at.

I remember seeing the stressed out postal worker and thinking they could get more done if they were relaxed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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