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You can revere the heros of our history who otherwise often lead sordid lives and will avoid any loss of faith because you are seeing the truth. The sacred is here in this life that you may have judged profane.

Alive in a Living World in Intimacy


Authoritarianism. Men are brought up that they are to be the authority. They are supposedly the ones to discipline the kids. I will be totally honest. I don’t like telling anyone to do anything. We claim to be a democracy. Well, biological fact is there are more women than men. So why are the presidents men? This is maybe food for thought. Men are naturally very driven. This is a biological fact, but male drive is enough?

At present we vote as if this were not happening, and fall back on the tried and true of the old guard. Exactly, we vote irresponsibly.

I like the new American president. Indeed, and I’m not bashing Obama. Nor am I bashing Clinton, but I didn’t agree with her politics. Even so the gender idea shouldn’t play a part, but it does.

You could say Obama had an intimate connection with many voters. Yes, and he did it on purpose. Where McCain just spent a lot of time invoking values. In my opinion archaic values. Being as distressed as we are, where does moralism get us?

Of which he himself had none. Yes, McCain didn’t embody his platform, and Obama didn’t embellish his. This is why he earned so much respect, is this not so? By not going to a “higher ground” he allowed himself to stay where we are. He kept the intimacy with us. Am I mistaken about his strategy? I didn’t follow it very closely.

I think it is very difficult for a society based on individualism to truly embrace intimacy which requires that you release your ego. Ah, but in fact they don’t truly embrace individualism. Can you claim you are truly an individualist, and say the next individual doesn’t matter? Can you claim to respect your thoughts as an individualist, and not give ear to any other? You can’t be truly individual and deny connection/intimacy with other. You can’t have anything in isolation. In intimacy, I am me with you.

But is giving ear the same as accepting? No, and acceptance of their thoughts isn’t intimacy. Acceptance that they have those thoughts is intimacy. Conformity isn’t intimacy. If anything intimacy would break conformity, because no one could or would be playing the role, or playing the game. If I come to you, and you are busy being a “nice person”, do we have intimacy? The nice person isn’t intimacy. If I come to you and you show me you are distressed, and I accept that, and don’t judge you, do we have intimacy? Simply put people love this phrase “I don’t do drama” or “Don’t bring the drama”. Is there any wisdom in this? Any truth in it?

What if we accepted drama? All of it? And just decided what we intend to do anyway? Would anyone be stuck if we accepted drama? Intimacy is recognizing that you are alive in a living world, and accepting this truth. You aren’t stuck in intimacy. You accept that everything is what it is, and that you are what you are.

A world with intimacy would be a nice one.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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