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Angelic System of Magick in Enochian Magick


A caveat, tonight’s topic is difficult to cover, and I cannot discuss it completely by any means, but I will try to cover the base’s well enough to help someone get started seeking further.

Enochian magick is one of a collection of angelic systems of magick. It has its roots in a mix of Egyptian and Judaeo Christian mysticism. The basis being that everything in reality has assigned to it a minor manifestation of divine will commonly called an angel. I say minor not to demean angles or anything like that, but to give a starting point for understanding the scope of tonight’s topic.

The way a tree may have a tree spirit? Yes, rather similar to that.

They say that in the beginning the word was with god and that the word was god. The word in Greek is called logos, which means not only word but also law. Now this word or language is perhaps one of the most pure manifestations of the divine. After that you get into stages that by their very nature are further removed from the origin of creation. So everything in existence is not just the by-product of this process of creation, it’s the very embodiment of it. The structure and behavior and even the extended relationships between any single thing and the world around it are expressed by this original word of expression of the divine consciousness. Like human consciousness, the discreet elements of this language cannot by listed out in a linear and therefor limited way. Just as your subconscious mind freely associates elements of your experience and memory with each other, each character or element of the language is associated with every other element.

Now from this unified matrix of language and understanding (perhaps not unlike our own mind being structured by its own capacity for language) can be derived individual expressions that remain in keeping with the overall syntax with the language as a whole. Whereas the whole language would have to include every intention that could be expressed, smaller sections could focus on specific terms, or jargon as it’s sometimes called, and even more focused elements would come together to make up say the equivalent of a poem.

To explain the meaning of all this, let’s consider artificial intelligence. What is it made of?

1s and 0s.

Logic processes?

Code, and every program uses the same code though they can do very different things. Well, god could be seen as the source code, and in the process of the universes emergence, angels would be the various subroutines that arise from this code. Some angels are “larger.” Not physically larger but having a bigger amount of code governing their behavior, serving as a sort of operating system for lesser angels.

God partitioned out to improve efficiency? Indeed.

These operating system angels would be the archangels, the ones we most commonly hear about, and the lowest but not least level of angels would be too numerous for us to name.

Enochian magic is hacking the code? More like having system operator privileges, high user access.

Book of Enoch = enochian. Exactly.

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Travis Saunders
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