'Enochian Magick' Chapter


Enochian magick is one of a collection of angelic systems of magick. The basis being that everything in reality has assigned to it a minor manifestation of divine will commonly called an angel.

According to this system the operation of the whole world is governed by the functions of angels as they take place on each of the levels of heaven, and the closer you move to the first emanation the deeper and more complex your understanding of the world, the universe and gods will can become.

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Angelic System of Magick

A caveat, tonight’s topic is difficult to cover, and I cannot discuss it completely by any means, but I will try to cover the base’s well enough to help someone get started seeking further. Enochian magick is one of a… Seek More

Direct Ascension into Heaven

In enochian magick, there are many levels to heaven, the heavens. There is mention of this made even in the orthodox bible. Most people think of heaven or the heavens as being more or less the same as outer space,… Seek More

Living Words

You have probably heard a lot of mention of the power of prayer, especially about calling on the name of god or the moshiach or messiah to use the Latin, and if you read carefully there is also mention of… Seek More

All Understanding

Are these angels like energy patterns of a matrix? Yes. The angel of fire wasn’t a bureaucrat responsible for starting fires. This angel is fire. The elements responding to the will of god would literally be angels obeying the commands… Seek More

Practice of Enochian Magick

Can enochian magic be used by people? Indeed it can. Besides the use of the call, also called the key, there is the keeping of a small “temple” in a private place, more of a shrine if you look at… Seek More