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Living Words in Enochian Magick


You have probably heard a lot of mention of the power of prayer, especially about calling on the name of god or the moshiach or messiah to use the Latin, and if you read carefully there is also mention of an idea of the prayers of the foolish failing to be heard. Foolish in Hebrew texts usually meaning any other culture, especially those we would call pagan now, but they had more reason than just cultural prejudice for saying this. The tradition of Judaism was originally and still is primarily one based not so much on emotional pleading as an assertion of logic and divine order. Much like the Egyptians had no concept of a separation between religious and secular understanding, neither did the early Jews draw that line.

Making your case to the court? Indeed. They saw the destiny of ones soul as being more a matter of evaluating an individual’s divine citizenship than an actual judgement of good or evil. All god made was good, but those who did not hold the law of god in their heart were believed to be incapable of entering heaven, not just kept out, but incapable of entering even if it were permitted.

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But to the point, prayer had the power of effecting change in reality because the manifestations of gods will (that we call angels) have to respond to the laws that make up their very being. Angels could be said to be creations of the mind of god, but they do not possess the nature of humanity. They are living words, where humans are living souls, seeds of gods own essence. So as one came to understand the names of god and the angels, they could be called upon to answer and establish gods will in the world. Gods will being peace and well-being and resolution of strife. The more you understand of the world beneath the world, the heavens within the world we see, the more you could work with it instead of in ignorance of it.

Did you say that the essence of god was in all creation? God is all creation, especially in the enochian system, but, gods ruach or spirit is reserved.

God giving us the keys? So by using these keys we can tap into what is inside us? Indeed.

The reason the spirit or fire of god is reserved, and not directly present in the angels, is that before creation the power of god was such that no creation could be established and hope to last. Just as Moses was warned against looking directly at god when he was receiving the first tablets, anything that god might try to create without first withdrawing his own direct power from it would be dissolved back into its own being. The human spirit or soul is evident in the human ability to change.

Is that like the tree of good and evil or the tree of life? The tree of knowledge.

Angels do not have the ability to change. In fact, the doctrine that an angel had the ability to sin was and still is seen as nonsense in some schools of thought, originally was. That concept was tacked on much later than the original understanding that it was added to.

What about avenging angels? What does that mean? Avenging angels were simply editors. No corruption of god’s law could be allowed to persist. The angels in question were not motivated by hate, but by purity, a desire to preserve the integrity of the divine as it is made manifest in the world. Avenging angels were seen as the reason for natural disasters. Does it seem so very farfetched that these disasters occur to restore balance to the spirit or fire of life in the world?

The way of the world is seen as synonymous with the way of god, not the way of the human world, the way of human cultures and society. These can sin which is a Greek term meaning error. They can become corrupt. They saw no corruption in the natural world. The idea that the material world was evil or corrupt only arose latter, another one of those syncretic tack on ideas.

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