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There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

All Understanding in Enochian Magick


Are these angels like energy patterns of a matrix? Yes. The angel of fire wasn’t a bureaucrat responsible for starting fires. This angel is fire. The elements responding to the will of god would literally be angels obeying the commands of god.

Are the symbols in the enochian tablets representative of these energy patterns? They are, and more besides. They also include all understanding, any element of consciousness at all. This is why angels are associated with wisdom visions and warnings or messages, and also why they are associated with mysterious changes of heart in individuals.

To use quantum metaphysics for a metaphor, humanity would be observers. The angels would be what exists before observation takes place. The reason the bible makes mention of if there were no humans to beware / fear / be aware of god, the stones themselves would do so.

Angels are Schrodinger’s cat before we open the box? Indeed. They are the uncertain ceiling cat.

Who wrote the tablets? Well, depends on how you see it. One answer would be nobody, others would say that they have lingered in one form or another in Egyptian and Semitic culture for a very long time, and some would say John Dee did. There were diagrams like that in existence well before the work of John Dee “recovered” enochian magick as we sort of know it today. In fact, these grids are quite common, and not always strictly laid out in numbers and letter. In the case of the breastplates of Aarons priestly robe, it was set out in symbolic gemstones. So what do you think? The history of these diagrams was old even before John Dees experiments in scrying and angelic communication.

It sounds similar to the temple of man. As I have mentioned in earlier classes, the oldest cities arose (and this has backing even among secular scholars) for religious reasons. It even seems that city planning itself in the middle east followed a similar grid pattern to the diagrams used in enochian magick, and their customs about what to place where in the city and what traffic should pass into and out of the city and through which gate was governed by this. Trade caravans wouldn’t be allowed to pass through the same gate as the cities army did, things like that. Trying to make their city mirror the order of heaven as this was seen to be the key to success and prosperity, any possible well being.

Ancient Mayans did this also. Yes. Many of the concepts behind enochian magick have parallels in other cultures across the world. I would say that they mirror a reality that’s not adequately expressed by any one cultures practices, but that’s just my own view. I think there is something deeper behind these things that we could draw out if we were to investigate it further.

A reality that was here before us possibly? Yes.

But as far as the heavens above go, everything even in the diverse cultures seems to suggest that they didn’t really see a separation between our planet and the planets and stars. They viewed it more holistically. So rather than drawing the mechanistic conclusion that something happens because a certain constellation was in the sky, it’s more likely that they observed that a certain thing happened when a certain constellation was in the sky. The distinction is subtle, but still I think important. So they were only trying to establish timing.

Correlation, not causation. Yes. Trying to divine the cycle of nature and repetitive human nature, and perhaps they had success with that. The practice arose all across the world and lasted for a very long time. Could it really have been simply foolish human delusion? I don’t think they would have had the time or resources for it if that was all it was.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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