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Belief Is Will in Superstition


Let’s take a superstition, omen reading. Even if there is nothing literally true about a perceived omen or synchronicity, the fact that you believe in them will make you pause for a moment and consider carefully your current situation and how it might be connected to other things in your world and life. Even if there is nothing concrete to learn from this, it does stimulate creative thinking and can trigger problem solving without any effort on your part.

The mind forms patterns automatically, reflexively, and functions by them. When you adopt a superstition regarding any event, it serves as a neuro-liguistic trigger heightening your perception and reasoning capacity. Pulling you out of trance, which improves your concentration and even your energy level as you expend less energy in trying and instead just do.

Let’s consider spells. Spell casting, more specifically chants. Even if there is no magick in the words, the intentional structure of the chant does make your mind do that auto-sorting. It can reveal connection in your life you didn’t see, or heighten your awareness of what you are actually capable of by making your mind quiet and relaxed.

This goes along with barding. Each word in a chant is like a number on a combination lock. Each chant opens another barrier. Exactly, yes.

Now what matters in superstition is the will. Belief is will. What you believe is so, you will into existence. You will put all of your energy and attention behind acting as if it is so even if it isn’t so. It won’t matter as far as your personal life matters. It will have a real impact anyway.

So basically a self fulfilling prophecy? Yes. Self fulfilling without any practical limit. Make up a good luck charm that you believe in, and your luck will improve.

Now I like magickal practices, especially the less ritualistic kinds, but there is a mistaken notion out there. That you cannot affect someone with magick who doesn’t believe in magic. This is not true. We all have the same reflexes. The persistence of your focus on the outcome you have decided on, coupled with their active effort to ignore things which just makes them more suggestible, it will make it happen anyway.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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