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Hi, low and in between also. You should always greet people however they approach you. I think we should greet people with the word “Sideways”, it’s much more dynamic.

Energy Returned in Superstition


Can you really jinx someone? You can be jinxed, yes. When you are around someone who believes powerfully that their luck is bad, this acts as a suggestion on you. So this unlucky person will hamper your own luck even if they are otherwise emotionally positive and supportive.

I think of the movie “Planes Trains and Automobiles.” They laughed together and were miserable together, then ended up being friends anyway. That’s a good example, and a curse works for the same reason people fear other people turning against them.

I always think finding pennies is lucky. Good, keep that belief.

You don’t necessarily have to avoid jinxes. You can even change their luck, but here is an example of a curse. I will go dramatic to make it clear.

If I decide that I am going to curse you, I am going to will you to die. Every time you see me, even if I am not acting like a psycho, there will be little subtle bits of my body language, the quality of my gaze at you, that will make you feel threatened. But it will be too subtle for you to identify. Given a little bit of time, you will start having strange anxiety attacks, even likely get sick because of it, and if not will become more distressed and distracted and likely get into an accident, perhaps injurious or even lethal. This sound like nonsense? No matter the mechanism, did I not have a hand in those bad events?

Is the extreme of superstition a phobia? Yes. Phobia is dysfunctional superstition. A self curse.

There is an ancient principle of curses. The old principle behind curses is that you should never curse an innocent. The reason behind that is simple. When you are cursing someone who has seriously wronged you, the odds are they have wronged more people than you. Other people connected to this person, who don’t perceive the curse any more clearly than the target do, still pick up on it, and they agree so it magnifies the curse.

I have heard that if you curse an innocent the curse will turn on you. You heard right. When you curse an innocent, the energy of that positive person and the positive regard they are held in works against you. People still perceive the curse, but they subconsciously believe you are the cursed one. Cursing the innocent sets up a hostile vibe if it’s ill considered, and can deplete your energy, distract you, and even make people hostile toward you. It’s sort of like guilt you might feel if you kicked a new born puppy. It’s really bad for you. Of course, it works the same way in reverse. This is why it’s said in the Bible, “Cast not your pearls before swine.”

Some schools of thinking suggest that you should just bless everyone, but blessing sets up a connection between you and the person blessed and can get you tangled in their negative beliefs. What would work better is having the belief that people are like weather conditions. They will blow over.

My belief has always been to bless all by wishing the highest good for even those who annoy me. I’m hoping they’ll be taken from my world. I want them to win the lottery and go away.  I send the blessing. The love … out there … and hope that it affects them in a positive manner. One versus one gets neutralized. This goes back to event energy and how it affects you. In your case, well wishing as a general rule can serve to blanket you from toxicity, but people just get discouraged when that seems to fail. This is the only reason I speak against it in any way.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Duke


    The very first paragraph of this article is what I experienced. That plus statements, from my then girlfriend who was frustrated that I hadn’t moved into her own home, such as, ‘I wish sometimes that you’d loose your own home’.

    Suffice to say, and some 4-5 years after such statements were uttered, our relationship broke, I lost my home, and the list goes on and on.

    My question is this, how does one undo a jink? Not to harm anyone in anyway, but to simply nullify the effect of any ‘negativity’ others may hold towards you, so as to bring oneself back on track, so to speak.


    • Travis

      You look for the traces that are now probably wide spread in your life. These will form a pattern. They all trace back to a particular route. But you have to see the connection between the traces and the origin, because it’s that you are going to severe. Part of the reason why a jinx like that will persist is that it leaves traces in other parts of your life that you don’t think it touched. Kind of like a weed. If you don’t pull up all the roots the weed comes back.

      The jinx affected you with the same energy that you’re going to use to fix it. Each time you encounter one of the traces, wish, will, feel deeply that you want to be rid of it. This will be a life changing choice. You may discover that you were clinging to elements of it, but ultimately your life will be improved by getting rid of the drain.

      I can’t give you a single technique that will remedy the entire issue. What focuses your will is entirely personal and you may require multiple methods of focus for each trace you come across. So whatever your beliefs are, whatever practices you pursue, whatever you have confidence in, utilize that.

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