'Superstition' Chapter


Superstition = surviving belief. The very concept of life experience is a superstition. The experience is self formed, but the event is objective. You cannot directly perceive any event. You can only experience it. The tendency your mind has of automatically identifying something in your environment is actually superstition. It’s a construct that exists really only in your mind.

For every experience your mind comes up with a response. It’s actually more functional to accept these responses. So, even if the symbolism is all wrong, and your paradigm has holes in it, if your tradition seems to have blank spots, that’s all right. Embrace it.

“Everyone has his superstitions. One of mine has always been when I started to go anywhere, or to do anything, never to turn back or to stop until the thing intended was accomplished.” Ulysses S. Grant (American 18th US President 1869-77)

“Superstition brings the gods into even the smallest matters” Titus Livy

“There is superstition in avoiding superstitions” Francis Bacon, Sr. (English Lawyer and Philosopher. 1561-1626)

Surviving Belief

Let’s establish an understanding of what is superstition. What is superstition, friends? Superstitions can be folk beliefs, like throwing salt over your shoulder. Yes. Those are called superstition. A belief without a proven causative relationship? How would you prove a… Seek More

A Day Of Beliefs

Your experiences are more or less the same as hypnotic suggestion. Your eyes flash light messages at your brain, and your mind just sort of naturally pattern matches that with one of your internal pictures. It seems pretty seamless. You… Seek More

Superstition Working For You

Look at the cosmetics industry. I have not seen a single woman in my life who looked better because she was wearing powder on her face. But media bombards us with ideas that become superstition. You don’t have to choose… Seek More

Belief Is Will

Let’s take a superstition, omen reading. Even if there is nothing literally true about a perceived omen or synchronicity, the fact that you believe in them will make you pause for a moment and consider carefully your current situation and… Seek More

Energy Returned

Can you really jinx someone? You can be jinxed, yes. When you are around someone who believes powerfully that their luck is bad, this acts as a suggestion on you. So this unlucky person will hamper your own luck even… Seek More

Life Can Become A Miracle

Shall we get into the possibility of real magick behind superstition? Event based potential energy. Let’s say we can never perfectly interpret an event right. You still were touched by the event, and you did not design your own mind.… Seek More

Experience First

Why is it so difficult for some of us to find others we have a natural connection with? I can speak of my case, and maybe that will answer your question. I actually long for a sense of being in… Seek More