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Mind works whether we want it to or not, or is it lobotomies for all? Shall we sit in the vapid silence of not knowing anything? Or maybe move with the rhythm of the entirety of our being, evil mind and all.

Life Can Become A Miracle in Superstition


Shall we get into the possibility of real magick behind superstition? Event based potential energy. Let’s say we can never perfectly interpret an event right. You still were touched by the event, and you did not design your own mind. So even if your mind is getting it wrong, it’s still getting something.

Now, in my experience the mind is pretty good at reality checking. Keeping an inventory of the normal and recognizing the unusual even if it can’t interpret it very well. So it will come up with a best guess interpretation the same as what happens when you dream.

The need to make things somewhat rational. Yes, and we don’t need to fight that. Being autistic, my brain pictures seem weird, alien, even scary to the average view. But as chaotic as they are, they are still my images and work the same for me as yours would for you. But yes, you get triggered by something and your being has a sense of itself no matter how beyond belief its experience is. So for every experience your mind comes up with a response. It’s actually more functional to accept these responses. Even if the symbolism is all wrong and your paradigm has holes in it, if your tradition seems to have blank spots, that’s all right. Embrace it.

Going beyond belief is what leads to insanity in the true sense, does it not? Resistance to going beyond belief in a natural way leads to insanity. Your mind gives you symbols and you find others that help you interpret your experience. It is really best to allow yourself to use those without getting stuck in circular criticisms. When a car is bearing down on you it doesn’t matter if it’s a red car or a blue one. Trust your understanding of car and get out of the way. Even if the magickal imagery is just daydreaming, it still uses all the awareness you are capable of using. It has all the information, and it has more information than non magickal types are willing to believe.

Want my opinion? Magick is real, but the Shaman and the Witch, the Egyptian Priest and the Hindu Saint, are all on the same ground. All doing the same thing. None have more truth than the other. In looking for real magick, find the magic that speaks to you, meshes with you. After that, your life can become a miracle. It just all starts with your awareness.

One more point. People are capable of being of like mind for a reason. It’s more than arbitrary judgement. Even science is now saying that time of year affects temperament and aptitudes to some degree. They can even read your personality from your sleeping position. There is one world, but many paths. Many domains of kingdoms of reality, and there is power in connecting with those of like mind. Strengthens you, strengthens them, and together you can come to levels of insight faster and easier than you might alone. So you don’t have to reject what is a natural connection because you define yourself as an individualist.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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