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Surviving Belief in Superstition


Let’s establish an understanding of what is superstition. What is superstition, friends?

Superstitions can be folk beliefs, like throwing salt over your shoulder. Yes. Those are called superstition.

A belief without a proven causative relationship? How would you prove a causative connection? That is the problem. Those who believe in the superstition would claim their experience has shown them one, but I guess by some empirical method there is not. Empirical method, hmmm.

Well… Let’s go with the literal definition of superstition. Superstition = surviving belief. It’s actually impossible for us to function without some carry over in our beliefs.

As you all know, and I do have to speak from experience, I am autistic. What that means for the topic of superstition is that I have difficulty preserving a belief from one moment to the next. I experience situational and cognitive interference, and only through vigilant mental exercise do I not degenerate into a state of complete mental static.

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We all have life experience. The very concept of life experience is a superstition. Can you say for certain that you have experienced any specific things in your life?

The experience is certain. The event not? Reverse that. The experience is self formed, but the event is objective. You cannot directly perceive any event. You can only experience it.

In my case, there is a gross lack of synchronization between my senses and my internal cognitive processes which means any sensory experience lingers what some would say is too long. Then when it does start getting processed it goes in a weird sort of linear chain.

How this relates to superstition is that the tendency your mind has of automatically identifying something in your environment is actually superstition. It’s a construct that exists really only in your mind. A sort of mental shorthand that lets you sort things in a way that helps you function at your personal optimal level. I don’t sort things like that, not very well. I could tell you about a loud noise I am hearing, but I couldn’t tell you easily if it were distracting me or not.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
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