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Your inner life is your outer life. Your second life is your first life. Your fantasies are your reality.

Cooperating with our Strengths in Action


We have to cooperate with others, but you aren’t cooperating if some principle mandates it. You co-operate when you are still being you, and working with the other who is who they are. Some say we have to compromise but it depends on your definition of compromise. You can compromise your contribution out of existence.

I act from essence. There are windows to that, not always mind, not always heart. Nature reflects essence. I do what comes through me, and I don’t evaluate best or worst. I don’t judge myself. Just do. When you do something, you will have an experience. You will like it or not, and you would lie to say that you don’t judge. I don’t judge my actions, but I do judge the consequence and choose my actions accordingly.

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You mistake your problem, and thus struggle. We often label or greatest strength our problem. I am “hot headed”. I am “impassioned”. I live from the root chakra. Some might say that’s my biggest weakness, but any strength I have, any strength anyone has, stems from their weaknesses. Mirrors them. Tell me your weakness and I will tell you your strength. Are you sensitive to everything around you and if someone is unhappy, you blame yourself? You never fail to know the compassionate thing to do. But won’t treat yourself in kind?

The thing you find fault with is what they esteem most highly. Whatever you are most proud of. That is likely the most obnoxious thing about you. Often is. The thing you are most proud of about yourself you over emphasize, and by doing so distort. So it is likely the most troublesome aspect of your personality to others.

I offer what I do to people, because I see myself as serving the insight not it serving me. If it served me, made me feel especially wise or smart and had no other value, I would keep it to myself. It’s hubris to think you can control someone else’s ego. As a matter of fact the ultimate hubris is solipsism. The idea that I don’t need to tell you anything because you aren’t actually even real. That would be being much too big for my boots, but you would never know it.

To be or not to be. That isn’t even a question. Even hamlet came to that conclusion, but the way of being can make you feel like you’re a bit mad. I would venture that madness from being, the terrible lightness of being, is likely the true sanity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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