'Action' Chapter


Does non doing suggest belief in a greater order? Perhaps a lesser order. It can be seen as just accepting what you are. You don’t have to see it as metaphysical. You can see it as just very realistic.

To the left, and to the right, to the left again, and to the right. Forever we march never realizing that we march in circles. The center is a vital root. If you would know strength in your path as you chose it, the center is still necessary.

“When one seeks to regulate something,
he is in fact going contrary to it.

Where he seeks to embellish something,
he is in fact harming it..

Nonaction does not mean being completely inert,
but rather that nothing is initiated from the ego-self.”
— Huai Nan Tzu, translated by Roger T. Ames

Doing Non-Doing

The spiritual concept of non-doing. It’s the principle of natural action. Doing from a point of being. Known in Taoism as wu wei, but more specifically I will be talking of wei wu wei. It is a sort of paradoxical concept,… Seek More

Do With Your Heart

Do you have a very difficult time doing anything without your heart being involved? Then don’t exclude your heart. It isn’t necessary. The only way it’s ‘meant’ to be done (if that word has any meaning at all) is the… Seek More

Cooperating with our Strengths

We have to cooperate with others, but you aren’t cooperating if some principle mandates it. You co-operate when you are still being you, and working with the other who is who they are. Some say we have to compromise but… Seek More

Non Doing Meditation

When you meditate that is non doing, but many people see it as a special state of mind. We meditate to get in touch with the now and who we are now. It isn’t by any struggle that we can… Seek More

Endless Struggle

In trying to ‘non do’ you find yourself doing, again back to the struggling. That is the essence of doing non doing. Like thought, action arises. Thought being its precursor. You can allow action to occur through you without disturbance… Seek More

Have You Seen Your Soul Lately?

How are we aware of our soul?  Well, awareness of the soul is scary. Like in the Egyptian book of the dead, it’s the encounter with a mirror. It’s an awareness of what about you can die and what changes.  That… Seek More