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When you stop taking things so seriously then you start seeing them clearly.

Have You Seen Your Soul Lately? in Action


How are we aware of our soul?  Well, awareness of the soul is scary. Like in the Egyptian book of the dead, it’s the encounter with a mirror. It’s an awareness of what about you can die and what changes.  That can make people feel very insecure. But unless you will see what changes, you won’t be able to see what endures. It can be great comfort to experience the soul once you have. But it is a fearful journey. If you see this as scary, you see the reality of it. Our greatest fear isn’t that we are powerless. It’s that we are powerful without measure.

At the end you realize you had nothing to fear, either inside you or outside. The soul is love. But my saying it doesn’t mean much. The soul is a light beyond light, but again my words won’t make it any easier. In the Second Life virtual world I don’t adopt a demonic image from any sadism, from any hate, from any perversion. I adopt the form because in the darkness the stars seem that much more bright. I don’t reject it.

If today at the end of the day you would die, what would break your heart to not do? Why don’t you do that every day? The desires of the soul are in you.

How do you know if it is the desire of your soul, or the desire of the ego?  The ego changes its mind and is never certain. It has to have a rationale for everything. When you see a harmless puppy and it wants your attention, do you personally reject it? Many do not. They have no logical reason for giving it what it wants and they don’t need one. When you tell your partner you love him or her, do you have a reason why? Possibly, but you don’t need one do you? There are things we know and feel and have always known and felt. Doesn’t have a rationale. These are the wisdom of the soul. The wisdom of the transcendent self. Hug those you love. Then do a chore. Comfort the grieving. Then go earn money. Give what you can share. Then go get more.

We all need to decipher how we give, and you will in individual ways. And the ‘why’ matters more than ‘how‘. That is always true. The sword that takes life can also preserve life. Why matters. Can even say it’s life and death.

If you give a homeless man money and then tell everyone about it all day, then you gave him money for that reason. That didn’t enrich you. Consider this, when the world is better are you or are you better when you say you are? I think it isn’t a conflict, you are doing it for you and for them and for me and for everyone else. But if you do it to say you did it, to have an idea that you did it, you weren’t paying attention.

If you give money to a homeless woman with a baby, if you weren’t looking into her eyes you missed out. If you gave to separate yourself from who you gave to, you missed out. When we look in the eyes you are looking to the inner of the person and showing her your inner too.  That matters more than any material you gave.

My young son is autistic and people are dismissive until he does something they think he can’t because supposedly he’s “stupid”. My little boy has a “strange behaviour”, because of how he has trouble socializing he can’t explain how he feels to people. But if you seem friendly and we are eating, he will try to feed you. For no reason, just will. He does so with a sweet heart. He is an innocent. He can’t evaluate others. He doesn’t understand. He just does. He communicates in his own way. It is possible for even us, and matters much more that we do that. He feels the inner intentions beyond words or attitudes and has reacted to people in ways that they thought strange. When we open our hearts we hear him.

Soul is more than defined self. I am like my son though people are shocked to hear it. I have the same condition that makes him how he is. The idea that we cannot change is wrong. I should be illiterate and have a strong aversion to much beyond narrow social contact if the doctors and scientists were right. My son is right about him, and you are right about yourselves if you will let yourself be.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Paul Maurice Martin

    “Soul is more than defined self.”

    I like that. Maybe you could even say that the soul is the aspect of ourselves that we don’t own.

  2. MaskedPagan

    This is definitely one of the best articles I’ve seen so far on this site. It has a good opening and a good conclusion as well as communicates effectively the power of Soul.

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