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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Creating a Knot in Knot Magick

Knot Magick

Everyone familiar with transcendental meditation?

When a person transcends to a higher plane or dimension whilst in their meditative state? Actually, it’s a school of meditation emphasizing repetition of a mantra. Often one the meditator doesn’t even know the meaning of, or the meaning may be forgotten in ancient history.

Now as simple and silly as that might sound, and I myself don’t suggest using mantras you don’t have a sense of, science has found that this meditation practice does alter brain activity, and quite powerfully, and it does seem to add structure and order to brain activity.

How this relates to knot magick…

So it’s like getting to order through non-order? Yes. As you use a mantra, and chants are used while working knot magick as a way to focus your intent, as well as the act of will that secures the knot firmly, it all sends a message to your brain that you really mean the things you are intending with the knot-work. But yeah, how the meditation relates… As you chant something, have you ever noticed your mind still wanders?

If you stick with a single chant, especially one you consider sacred, every thought that comes up while you are chanting and meditating becomes associated with your chant. This is science here. If you do this repeatedly, and if you create a knot amulet while doing it, then not only have you trained your brain to associate your positive intention with all those distracting thoughts, which are usually problems right? You also create a physical memory cue, a token to remind you of what you understand and know to be true despite what things might seem like.

It’s a fairly simple method of magick working, and versions of it have found their way into other things that we don’t automatically see as knot work. Making combinations in a pot while you cook, and things like that, often have old spells that invoke knot symbolism, even knotting herbs before you put them in to cook.

In society today, we seem to have a negative view of knots in general. How did that happen? We associate them with problems. They were associated with witchcraft as people commonly understood it at the time, and with spells of binding. Anyone who held out in the face of the pressure to Christianize, or get with the social program, was considered a trouble maker. This is part of why we have the phrase, “tied up in court.” This idea goes back quite some time, and conflicts in the early Roman Empire were often between pagan and non-pagan citizens.

So perhaps when the older pre-christian beliefs were villainized? Indeed, and the act of stealing their symbolism sort of defused to tension (more cord imagery?) in those communities. Thus you see things like Celtic knots in old Irish church buildings and things like that.

A more modern metaphor that might make the gist of this stuff easier to remember… Everyone see the movie “The Matrix?” Well, ultimately like the spoon, there is no cord. It’s only you that bends, and we can train ourselves to bend consciously, with intention, on purpose, and in a way that better suits us than those around us who perhaps would rather see us tied up with their desires and goals.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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