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We keep getting the same stuff because we keep thinking the same stuff. Each new cell bears the same convictions. Each magnetic impulse carries the same messages.

Dealing With Obsession in Obsession

What is the best way of dealing with obsession? Don’t deal with it. We are taught to deconstruct reality. “Deal with it!” How many people have heard that yelled at them? Meaning they are ordering you back in line, and that line boards the ship of the damned. They don’t like it when they see that someone sees the social lie for what it is. They blame the awake one for making them uncomfortable. They prefer to be dead then feel living and possibly healing pain. They feel they will risk “losing MY mind” should they give into sanity. We don’t start life insane.

When I found out I had a terminal illness, I discovered how hard it was for my own family to believe it and be supportive. Same with my developmental condition, and is it really you and I who are betrayed by that? It just hurts. It’s they who will live with the burden of yet another thing to obsess over.

We are bound by that which we confine. What we perceive as limited is just our limited ability to perceive. We are contained by that which we contain. We have within us the pure gold of a living and vibrant world, but demean it as “animal” all the while exalting the dross of ego or even worse “sanctity.” The Saints are notorious for not wanting to shepard congregations. The Buddha did not found temples. The Catholic Saints didn’t found churches. They were very often cloistered monks or more worldly friars and wouldn’t have preached a stock sermon if they were paid. Why is this? Mother Teresa was more concerned with the wisdom of the Christ then the churches most recent catechism.

Irreverence has made idolaters of us all. Having lost self respect we in our desperation respect the profane and revile the life affirmative. Heaven forbid life makes us feel.

The temple of all wisdom is what nature laid right before us, and within us, and beyond us when we are ready. But let’s start small shall we not? Give up obsession before we see that there is nothing to attain? That’s the big paradox. We have to have “done” something, but what haven’t you done? That was on you to do? I can think of one thing. Accept your life, and actually have it. What if you saw your life like your life processes? Like say, treat your life events like breathing? Could you obsess? Could you? Would you?

Obsession is like living with a constant in breath. It makes you lose consciousness. How many awake people do you know, friends? Regrettably, what most often happens, just like breathing when living with the constant in breath “fails”, the breathing resumes but it’s irregular. But then we do something crazy. Because we know the breath/mind can fail, we begin to hyperventilate. It’s like deciding that since you ran into a door and you know doors are breakable, you should just keep running into it till it breaks. We call these people the mentally ill, but what choice do we give them? They have to “Deal with it!” We have to keep the lunatics off the grass and in line. No do-overs allowed are there?

We all of us need a do-over. We would all be better off if we agreed to it, and helped each other do it. We all really deep down inside want to keep playing anyway. This is why they say hope springs eternal.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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