'Obsession' Chapter

Obsession is like weather wearing down a building. Ruts and wear patterns arise in the mind due to a habit of connecting with and exposing yourself to specific forces, psychic or spiritual. You lose connection with the mind, because you are obsessed with process over potential. This puts the mind on auto-pilot and you out of the drivers seat. Often you can get out of obsession by deliberately “losing”. You don’t become obsessed with winning or success, these come naturally. You get obsessed with “not losing”. Obsession is rejection not acceptance.

The temple of all wisdom is what nature laid right before us, and within us, and beyond us when we are ready. But let’s start small shall we not? Give up obsession before we see that there is nothing to attain? Accept your life and actually have it. What if you saw your life like your life processes? Treat your life events like breathing? Could you obsess? Could you? Would you?

“If a warrior is to succeed at anything, the success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but with no stress or obsession.” Carlos Castaneda (Peruvian born American best-selling Author and Writer, 1925-1998)

“Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion.” Carvel Paul Carvel (Belgian Writer and Editor, b.1964)

Possession Process

The topic is obsession, but I often start with an overstated but related state, and then work to the subtle. So I will open with a discussion of possession. Possession is more common than people think, but often mistaken. The… Seek More

Process Of Obsession

Your energy is more than just the psychic processes you call thought. Your thought is often full of a photo-negative like artefact that mirrors a metaphysical force in your environment. It’s not inaccurate so much as just an indirect reflection, like… Seek More

Conformity Leads To Deformity

What does it say if you pick at wounds on your body until they bleed and scar? That is obsession. Obsession dulls you to the flows of life. Does that mean you are obsessed with those imperfections? Yes. The desire… Seek More

Nullifying Obsession

Nullifying obsession. It’s an orientation. You can and should recognize the “chaos”, the dissonance or disagreement you have with your environment. I want to know how to rid myself of the urge to pick and bleed? By recognizing what it… Seek More

Single Minded Focus

Thoughts on what obsession is? OCD Single minded focus? Good, and yes these play into the topic of obsession. Single minded focus. It is a fascinating concept. In fact, the organs that play a part in the processing we call… Seek More

The Obsessed Eye

Obsession is to cling to something limited, and perhaps one of the most virulent obsessions is ego. I was recently asked by way of small talk “What do you do?” My first impulse was just not to answer the question,… Seek More

Dealing With Obsession

What is the best way of dealing with obsession? Don’t deal with it. We are taught to deconstruct reality. “Deal with it!” How many people have heard that yelled at them? Meaning they are ordering you back in line, and… Seek More