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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Single Minded Focus in Obsession

Thoughts on what obsession is?

  • OCD
  • Single minded focus?

Good, and yes these play into the topic of obsession.

Single minded focus. It is a fascinating concept. In fact, the organs that play a part in the processing we call “mind” are plural, so single minded focus says it all. Obsession is like saying since my eyes see and I like seeing things, I will grant only sight validity and hearing, taste, smell and touch… Well, I will just ignore them as nonsense. Call those fantasy. Can you have obsession and depth of perception?

Depth in one area? Real depth in one area reveals connections that area has with others. You tend to also want to see music if you really like music, and maybe even feel music. Depth draws us on to breadth all of its own, does it not?

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But you could use all your senses to be obsessed with music? Is that obsession or full experience? And if you are supposedly “obsessed” as people think of it, then wouldn’t you of necessity have to attend to all of your life? So as to have no distractions from your obsession?

Full senses differentiates obsession from passion? That is part of the difference.

Isn’t the nature of obsession exclusion? That is the nature of obsession and dulls your perception even of your supposed obsession. Keeps you stuck in the “problem” stage of engagement. You can’t be stuck if science or art are deeply available, can you? Writers block isn’t the writers disinterest in writing, is it? Writers block is obsession. A rigidity that sets in when you perceive perception to be unstable, but what would make us feel that way about what should be so effortless?

Insecurity? Fear? Hmm, I can offer an experience that at least at its superficial stage is perhaps the most fearful thing you can feel. The precursor to a heart attack. The early seizing of the heart doesn’t hurt, but it seems to be doing something wrong. Your whole body says the heart is wrong, creates a panic, which often just makes that heart attack a certainty.

Becoming so focused that you become blinded? Exactly. Obsession with the idea you can actually make mistakes. Often you can get out of obsession by deliberately “losing.” You don’t become obsessed with winning or success, these come naturally. You get obsessed with “not losing.” Obsession is rejection not acceptance.

Procrastination is just another form of obsession? Procrastination is, and only procrastinators are anxious about procrastination.

Let’s say I have spilled some milk. Can I accept the spilled milk and also obsess about it? Can I accept an idea fully and also obsess about it? Can I be immersed in knowing science and obsessed with science? I can if there is an “I” and a science that the “I” must do, but if that is so then do I fully know science?

Any such thing as an obsessed genius? Einstein was known for having bouts of profound boredom, even disgust with physics. Is this obsession?

In the case of someone with autism? Autism is not well understood. It is interpreted almost exclusively from an outside point of view, and savants have peculiar behaviour that people dismiss as just meaningless and abnormal. A lot gets lost in translation.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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