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Nullifying Obsession in Obsession

Nullifying obsession. It’s an orientation. You can and should recognize the “chaos”, the dissonance or disagreement you have with your environment.

I want to know how to rid myself of the urge to pick and bleed? By recognizing what it is. You come to have the flesh when the flesh is forbidden to “be” or house spirit/soul. The degree to which you say “I am not my body” is the degree to which you hate your body and your life. The degree to which you eat to live and work to live is proportional to the attitude you have that you are not your body.

Would you say all obsession is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)? No. I would say OCD is just habitual rationalization, and is an overt acting out of a very common dis-ease.

So releasing tension? Yes. OCD individuals are also naturally Type A personalities, so they get stuck in being “proactive” in dealing with their obsessions. You won’t meet a Type B who is OCD.

When you see the force of your own spirit in disagreement with the world, when you feel in the world but not of it, take steps to embrace the world relationship. Move toward embracing the child of Gaia that dwells in your nature. The spiritual “cat” that has no problem just having a nap. The spiritual “dog” that is quite amused to chase its tail and wants attention just to have attention. This is the beginning of freedom from obsession, but not the end. Because when you can be animal, you can grow into the “human” animal. Your range of choices will grow, but not until you can just have that cookie or just go somewhere because you want to “go.”

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But I know it takes time to work on this kind of thing. No. It takes no time. Have to have no time. Time is insufficient. An artificial construct that makes people obsess. The dog chewing on a bone gives no mind to time spent chewing on the bone.

Then I want it to happen NOW. Can happen now, have a cookie.

I have no cookies. Ok, throw a tantrum.

I do. Hubby will tell me to calm down. If that stops you, throw the tantrum with just you and your best friend, which is hopefully you. But if not, throw a tantrum with a cherished stuffed animal, maybe do it at a picture.

Throwing ice cubes at the bathtub can be cathartic. When you do it and mean it. Really mean to throw ice cubes at the bathtub. Then you can move to the next thing you really mean to do, which is maybe just stop throwing ice cubes and have a laugh. Then go have a snack and watch something fun, like the birds in your yard, or clouds pass by.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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