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Mind and Hypnosis


Everyone is insane to some extent, and without an awareness of that “potential” insanity, then people do unconscious things. Entropy affects everything. Order can be destructive. Chaos can be constructive. Does our subconscious control our conscious? No. The subconscious and… Seek More

Our Place in Existence


Gnosis has many sources. It is one of those phenomenon like the preponderance of certain symbols that co-arose cross culturally. Like the presence of dragons in every world mythology. The intuition that “god” is somehow indwelling the human soul has… Seek More

Forms of Words


What about those that can’t speak nor hear? They will speak in body language. The mudra is as powerful as the mantra. They are both language, and the more fully you express, the more powerful the expression. Helen Keller could… Seek More

Sexual Role


I know I may seem like the stereotypical sex obsessed male, but when you give your body place, and sex is the most powerful force to encourage that (that or strife), then your consciousness changes. Your engagement with all of… Seek More

Human Obsession


Control is a human obsession. It’s a human endeavour, and it’s human nature. Control is very poorly understood at best. Control is how we kill ourselves. Control is what we do when we kill pain. Control is what we do… Seek More

Idea of Control


Control is human obsession and human nature. The idea of control that most people embrace is also a delusion. We control to keep things static. We control in denial of what is available to us. We abstain from embracing the now… Seek More

Possession Phenomenon


Possession is a common theme for paranoid schizophrenics, but there is something real behind it and it isn’t what you see on TV or movies. We don’t exist in a world of matter and objects. We exist in systems of… Seek More

Identifying Possession


How to spot possession? It’s actually not that hard, and it’s also not that common. A deluded person will create a shallow schism. They will be projecting a role more than an actual different consciousness, and the mental processes thought… Seek More

Thought is Energy


Why does stress affect us so physically? You feel tense and out of breath. What is triggering that? There isn’t mind and body, there is only mind. The cardiac nerve plexus is a primal brain, as is the enteric nerve… Seek More

Way to Love


Being alone, as I understand it, is often a production of our thoughts making us think we’re alone? Yes, I agree, but it’s not an original thought. It’s an afterthought that arises from the series of expectations we are taught,… Seek More