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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Process Of Obsession in Obsession

Your energy is more than just the psychic processes you call thought. Your thought is often full of a photo-negative like artefact that mirrors a metaphysical force in your environment. It’s not inaccurate so much as just an indirect reflection, like koi seen in pond water.

Obsession is like weather wearing down a building. Ruts and wear patterns arise in the mind due to a habit of connecting with and exposing yourself to specific forces, psychic or spiritual. Now the mind is self repairing, but mistaken identification can lead you to lock yourself into what amounts to an abandoned building.

Reinforcing neural connections? Yes.

In obsession the possessing entity is a thought form? A thought form can be an obsessive object, yes.

You lose connection with the mind, because you are obsessed with process over potential. This puts the mind on auto-pilot and you out of the drivers seat. Then the resultant trauma as the stuck steering wheel makes you ram walls. Makes you desperate to abandon the whole vehicle which would just mean loosing “your” mind. Which would just drown you even further in the processes of the world and other peoples minds. You are lost and feel you can’t get back home in those cases, because the landscape of deep obsession is very real. It isn’t just a delusion. Of course it’s a bad neighbourhood, and most people don’t have any mace on hand.

How does one know if one is obsessed? Ah, sense of self direction or lack of such a sense. When not obsessed you have a feeling of being “self possessed.”

Feeling like you have no control of your life? Yes. That is an indicator of obsession.

Spinning wheels? Like the action/process is giving minimal return for the effort being put in? Also, yes.

Most people are deeply obsessed. This is why the shepherds are so fat. The sheep are over fed and dull from a diet of psychic toxicity, easy to lead to slaughter. The controllers can use obsession. It’s a good precursor state, like feeding chickens chicken meat. This makes them very easy to keep.

Obsession is psychological consumption of what amounts to your own vomit and that of others. It locks you into a diet of very stale psychic energy and makes the mind very weak. Obsession likes soilant green people, subjective and not objective reality, solipsistic.

Is there no such thing as a healthy obsession? No. No such thing as healthy obsession. Passion is healthy. Obsession is passionless. Passion burns away the veil of obsession. People say it clouds the mind, and it can if it’s just a brief flash flood in a desert of soul desolation. The flash flood of passion people sometimes get isn’t helpful. It has to endure long enough to find channels, otherwise passion just makes you more blank. Which people fear, so they avoid it all together and instead remain desolate. Spiritual replicas of the domain of Set. Set was the God of deep desert wastes.

Passion focuses on feeling, and obsession focuses on possession? Yes, exactly.

I’ve been accused of being obsessed with Second Life. I’m passionate about the things I’m doing on Second Life. So then no, you are not obsessed. Passion and obsession are mutually exclusive.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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