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Counter culture becomes mainstream when the norm is toxic and society looses its center. Eventually not being recognizable in its original form.

The Obsessed Eye in Obsession

Obsession is to cling to something limited, and perhaps one of the most virulent obsessions is ego. I was recently asked by way of small talk “What do you do?” My first impulse was just not to answer the question, but I looked at the one asking and saw no malice, so told them openly that I’m disabled. This made them very embarrassed and pointlessly, but that question is the basis of the social ill of ego and the limited view most have of self.

I am my self, but my self is the eye that sees you. And that eye can see fully, unless I am obsessed.

Obsession with work or “What we do” is perhaps the biggest obsession in society? Yes, the obsessed eye.

Let’s take a male. The obsessed male eye sees his job as a challenge, and that can have all sorts of window dressing. The obsessed male eye sees respect and friendship as a reward for proving himself in the challenge, and he sees romantic favour as proof of his worth and capability in the challenge, the “hunt.”

Don’t most males see there jobs as defining who they are? They do, and they are obsessed. As a matter of fact, more males are obsessive than females. They are notoriously linear thinkers, left brain or right brain, but one or the other at any given time. But this doesn’t excuse women from obsession either. Women generally are more sensitive to their own psyches.

The obsession of identity as an I; what I do, what I possess? Something that “earns” them a name. I have a name in real life. I have a name in Second Life too. I answer to both in either life, because both are totally arbitrary.

But yes, the feminine psyche… In general, they engage in lateral thinking quite easily. Left brain and right brain work in tandem very well which means they are capable of the most profound self rejection. Males tend to go on auto-pilot. Animal instincts kick in when it’s something they aren’t “thinking” about. So when asked about obsessive feelings they very commonly say, “I don’t know, never really thought about it.” They aren’t being dull witted. If anything, in a backhanded way they are accidentally served by their own nature.

What do you mean by the fact that women are capable of the most profound self-rejection? They know their selves more, thus they tend to reject self more. This untrue? And serve others? Yes. So women can be more obsessive than men, but they are also the most easily free of it, thus they have been called “fickle.”

Just obsessive about different things? The subject of feminine obsession is different, and more widely varied in general.

Or way deeper in ways of feeling and handling emotions perhaps than us men? Yes, and because they handle those feelings with greater depth they can more easily put them down. Where as men tend to seem almost constantly angry, emotionally constipated. I am not sexist, both genders can be free of what is a psychological tendency only.

Men avoid the vulnerability that comes with fear and sadness? This is true. I speak of the genders individually, because they form two halves of the whole picture of the obsession dynamic. We reinforce the obsessions of others. They call this “expectation.”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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