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First Dreams in Dream Courier

First Dreams

Today, we are talking about dreams. Not so much as experiences we have, as a process that is ongoing throughout our lives. A message from the world to our deepest selves, even if the signal is perhaps often too full of noise to be very clear.

Your first period of sleeping consciousness occurred in the womb. At this stage, your brain is little capable of anything other than the alpha state or “dream.” Even after delivery, the brain only has short shifts into anything other than alpha state.

I wonder what a baby dreams about when they haven’t yet seen their world. They dream about sensation, and their senses have been working for a while even when in the womb. The first sense being touch, and perhaps any lingering memories they may have inherited in whatever way that may have happened.

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It may seem like dreaming starts in the brain, yes? Dreams begin in the heart. I mean the literal cardiac nerve plexus. The cardiac rhythm is a key component in the underlying nerve signal, what is called the theta wave state, and this brain wave frequency falls in the same range as what is called the Schumann resonance, which is the electromagnetic signal our planet and atmosphere displays on an ongoing basis. Your body, and new born brain, were steadily entraining to a variety of natural cycles. Day and night were detectable before birth, and your own sense of self, as it’s generated by your proprioceptive system, was constantly in touch with and adjusting to your mothers behavioural patterns. Your earliest sense of self comes from your sense of touch. Perhaps of interest, as your brain matures your sense of touch while dreaming sublimates itself to instead depict things like motion and space.

Is that you feeling your mother’s heart beat? Or maybe the energy that creates the bond? Indeed, it is. Your brain doesn’t separate things out at this point. It all presents itself as a single unified field of experience, sound as well as light and tactile sensation. Nothing has what we would call experience to label it and set it apart from anything else. There isn’t mother and father as separate presences. There is mother/father.

I guess that is why touch is often the simplest way to soothe a baby? Yes, it’s the sense they are most familiar with, and the easiest way for them to identify a familiar presence, her smell as well. We are born knowing our mothers touch automatically. This is why a newborn can often be distressed simply by the harmless touch of a stranger. It’s disorienting and scary. Our eyes don’t begin to engage in the behaviour we call sight until after delivery, and some time after. They were light sensitive early on, but they couldn’t make sense of light. We learn to see. To start, we can only discern light and dark and borders created by something splitting off the light, like our parent learning over our crib, and we often still have dreams that depict this early undeveloped sense of sight. Usually as adults only when we are very ill.

Our first sensory impressions, those in the womb, were only filtered in what could be considered a strictly biological sense, which means they were entirely physical, natural, more like the behaviour of light through a microscope maybe, than something we think we “see.” This never changes as we grow and develop. That fundamental physical relationship with our environment and the forces that stimulate the body.

It almost sounds like when bats use sonar to see in the dark. Humans do have the same system for echolocation as bats do. It’s just vestigial. Our first dreams were entraining our nervous system to any and all of the stimuli we were exposed to, be those conditions good or bad or indifferent.

When I feel my third eye tingle, I start seeing odd lights. Yes. The occipital lobe kicks in. It’s the largest part of your brain and connected to the widest diversity of other mental centres in the brain. You might say seeing the light is the primary thing for us from day one. In fact, they have discovered that with subtle changes, any nerve cell in the brain can be made light sensitive. This is perhaps the most basic model for those cells we associate with consciousness, and well, birds are able to perceive quantum shifts in light visually. There are traces of this in every organism, and I think we were all sensitive to them in a broad sense to start.

But yes, our first definitions for experience were pain and rest, pain and peace. Pain would include fear, and we have only two innate fears, loud noises and falling. Falling in the womb would be sharp jolts of motion, danger to the mother. This couples with the sound of her voice if she was startled.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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