'Dream Courier' Chapter

Maybe So

Dreams as a process that is ongoing throughout our lives. A message from the world to our deepest selves. In dreams, our memories return to us in new and complex forms. The dream is going on while you are too busy thinking, and the dream shapes your thinking in what connections there are in the world around you.

If you keep an attitude of “maybe so” in your day to day life, that by itself will open your thinking to being more in tune with your dream self, and will conversely also make your dreams begin to make more sense as they will have to struggle less with your rigidly trained thinking.

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First Dreams

Today, we are talking about dreams. Not so much as experiences we have, as a process that is ongoing throughout our lives. A message from the world to our deepest selves, even if the signal is perhaps often too full… Seek More

First Spark of Consciousness

We have two basic domains of dream, what we might consider peaceful or sweet dreams, and disturbing dreams or nightmares, and each of them are as ingrained as our own DNA. They form the fundamental basis of our consciousness. How… Seek More

Positive and Negative Dreaming Face

So in general, both the nightmare dreamer and the peaceful dreamer can have positive as well as negative growth outcomes. Shall I speak to the growth outcomes of the peaceful or nightmare dreamer first? Nightmare. Ok, nightmare it is. Nightmare… Seek More

Dream Shapes Your Thinking

Now we get to thinking. The end of the line in the couriers route from the world to our waking minds. You think that everything you have been taught, everything that has ever been said or done to you, has… Seek More

Maybe So

What would be the most real facet of human experience? Dying? Ah, it can be made more useful by making your conscious thinking more open ended, sort of like mindfulness meditation, but it doesn’t even have to be that formal.… Seek More