The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Maybe So in Dream Courier

Maybe So

What would be the most real facet of human experience?

Dying? Ah, it can be made more useful by making your conscious thinking more open ended, sort of like mindfulness meditation, but it doesn’t even have to be that formal. If you just keep an attitude of “maybe so” in your day to day life, that by itself will open your thinking to being more in tune with your dream self, and will conversely also make your dreams begin to make more sense as they will have to struggle less with your rigidly trained thinking.

Believing in being rather than believing in reality. Science believes in reality, and what has it’s sense of direction been like?

Fixing one problem creates another. That would end if science was undertaken from a belief in being rather than reality. The attitude, as I said, is “maybe so”, but in embracing that you should likewise reject the notion of “maybe not.” Your dreaming mind never uses and cannot understand that thought. This is why fears are so often personified in nightmares. The dreaming self can’t understand “maybe my partner doesn’t love me”, so will instead make up a reason your partner doesn’t love you. One that will have no basis in reality, but will still wear on your emotional strength as if it were true. And if you want another step after adopting the attitude of “maybe so”, extend your experience of maybe so with imagination.

You need to be able to see when your dreams are just being overly dramatic? Your dreams always reflect your thinking. It’s your thinking that is over-dramatic, and really something as simple as insisting on clarity of thought, insisting that something be defined as that which either is or is not, will make your dreams over react.

Have you seen that commercial for promoting optimism with the boy trying to hit a baseball and striking out? I haven’t.

Instead of being the greatest hitter in the world he makes himself the greatest pitcher in the world. But even that can be troublesome. If you live according to “if not this, then maybe that”, you will rapidly run out of appealing options.

But it goes with that “maybe so” thinking. Yes, it does. It just has to be examined a little closer. Ultimately, the boy wanted to be good at baseball, and being a good pitcher is as much being good at baseball as being a good hitter. But let’s look at Michael Jordan. If not basketball, maybe baseball? How did that turn out for him? You have to stay in touch with the spirit of your dream, but it doesn’t have to be literally any specific outcome.

If not a player in the game, maybe a spectator OF the game! Indeed, you will eventually sideline yourself with everything.

Then he started those underwear commercials. Which were amusing, but not really inspiring. He didn’t sell Hanes to me, but he sold shoes like crazy.

Have I made the path of information in dreaming clear or clearer?

I need some ways to help me remember. I’ve done the journal. It helps a little. This is an exercise you might like. From time to time, pretend you are dreaming during the day. You don’t have to take it too seriously, but just let yourself trip out on the salt shaker. Make up some reason why you might. It may seem strange, but this will make your waking mind more ready and receptive to recall your dreams.

Just stare at the salt and see what happens? Well, if looking at the salt shaker lets your mind free associate.

So it’s exercising that part of the brain? Yes. While you’re awake, it forges fresh associations between your waking and dreaming mind. Salvador Dali used to use a method that amounted to letting himself drowse off while sitting on a tall chair.

I often stare at the electrical outlet and think it’s staring back at me and it looks shocked. That’s an excellent thing to notice. Find more things like that. It will make dream recall easier.

Or I see a face in the door knob that goes back to the Alice in Wonderland thing. I see faces in lots of things. Try to stretch that some more. See if you can see hands.

I can see a woman’s head in the texture on the sky of this class room sphere. Excellent. Notice details of faces also. Is it a man or woman, adult or child?

Now I see glaring eyes. I see her cleavage. You are seeing the dream. It is the same part of your brain working, especially if you remind yourself that those are dream images.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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