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I think therefore I think. I think too much. Egad! I can’t stop thinking.

First Spark of Consciousness in Dream Courier


We have two basic domains of dream, what we might consider peaceful or sweet dreams, and disturbing dreams or nightmares, and each of them are as ingrained as our own DNA. They form the fundamental basis of our consciousness.

How we dream affects how the fetus develops. It can develop snoring, low birth weight, attention deficit issues, sensory defensiveness, all on the negative side. On the positive side, you can have emotionally sensitive or empathetic children, precocious or goal driven children, and generally imaginative and freedom loving.

How do you dream to have a “healthy child? You don’t control that. It comes with your life I think. Actually, the child inherits only the mother’s waking dream. The mother inherits the sensations of the mother’s waking world behaviour, primarily. This is why there can be such a split in personality between mother and child. But you continue to dream according to the rhythms set up while you were first developing your life rhythms, either mostly at peace or mostly disturbing. My personal dream life is mostly disturbing to be honest, but your internal dream life, those rhythms and the way they shape the core of your mind, do not carve your destiny in stone.

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Then I think the solution is the alarm clock to be a smooth one when night is ending so the last dreams are peaceful ones. No? Oh, indeed. Smooth alarms would help. The last dreams have the potential to be peaceful. Yes. So the awakening is not the start of a war, but a smooth day.

The reason it isn’t just a binary mix, of peaceful versus disturbing dreams, is you cannot dream out of context. The general tone of your memories and life experience will even shape the symbolism of your peaceful or positive dreams.

So life does take part in this. Well, we are doomed then. Life sucks! We are only doomed to the degree we continue to believe in the primacy of real life and must have its solution there, and see everything as something that happens outside of us. All human behaviour stems from this first spark of consciousness, and our deepest elements of both body language and vocal language start there. Things like aggression versus smoothness of gestures, or softness versus harshness of voice, and these waves of sensation and emotion are still flowing under all the things we think we decide to consciously do. If we identify primarily not as our waking self but as that inner self, our instinctive or dreaming self, we can draw on an element of experience and knowledge that our education itself cannot begin to provide.

Do you think it’s possible to ask yourself to dream something specific? I do think so, and I do it, though there is always additional content in addition to what I chose to dream.

So if you need a solution to a problem you can make a request. Yes. Sometimes you don’t get the answer you want though, right? The reason you might want to phrase it as a request is not what it might seem, and you always get the answer that your concrete experience of life is prepared to arrive at. I don’t mean the product of your rationalizations. It’s more the product of a complex pattern sorting and comparison and contrast. Finding the one thing that fits your question, which is just a formulated point of view. This is why they say the answer to a question is always in the question itself.

Perhaps that’s why people used to pray before they went to sleep. It would focus their mind on what they needed to dream about. Indeed. You could use a harsh or demanding tone in your self talk when trying to set up a dream, but that tends to frighten your inner mind. Our thinking is muddled when we are afraid, even while dreaming.

Many people ignore their dreams instead of work with them to help resolve them. So I expect their ‘self’ becomes more fractured? That self can never be more fractured. What happens instead is the dreaming self begins to introduce contradictions into your waking behaviour. A situation like, “Yes, I love you! Why am I yelling at you!?” What you won’t let yourself dream, your mind will make you act on.

So if I don’t dream about robbing a bank? If you dream about robbing a bank but set up a pattern of denial and inner conflict, you will begin acting on the urge to take things that aren’t yours. No amount of turning against self can change the self. Turning with the patterns of the inner self though, those can allow the self to evolve quite easily, smoothly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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