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Fractal Mirrors in Cognitive Bias

Cognitive Bias

Metaphysics is the school of thought that deals with attempting to refine and clarify the concepts we use to understand reality. Even though we may not be able to see it directly, there is a quality, character or “shape” to the force that leads us to exhibit our cognitive biases, not only us but other species as well. Thus, though it does in no way benefit the mother tiger or assure her personal survival, she will go to extraordinary lengths to rescue a cub. These biases run not only throughout humanity, but across species as well, and the traits do not conform to concrete stimuli. Nothing environmental or biological explains why beings behave this way.

Our bias directs our attention. All creatures’ innate bias or “nature” directs their attention. Those things that are the subject of this collective focus acquire a weight to them, a causal inertia. Because these things hold our focus, they influence our behavior, which leads to physical changes in our environment. I have to ask, how does this differ from physical forces like gravity or entropy?

An example, there was no basis to believe in cars. No evidence that cars were possible, just a human preoccupation with motion and borrowing motive power from other sources. Nothing in our environment was suggestive of the automobile.

There is a filter of perception whereas physical forces like gravity are not filtered by bias, for example. Gravity brings together matter to form a mass yes? Our work brings together matter to form a mass, yes?

Metaphorically speaking, yes. Literally. When you bolt the parts of a car together you get a mass of about 2 tons, give or take. The matter was previously otherwise distributed. In fact, many of the things we believe have come into being through our efforts did in a sense precede human consciousness.

Intention, design, forethought, economics. Intention. The tendency to behave a certain way. Design. The tendency of matter to take stable forms instead of unstable.

Creation. Entropy there. What is the difference between potential energy and forethought?

People have noted how having something written in science fiction increases the likelihood of its invention. The energy was there in a latent form, and then collapsed into a manifest form.

And economics is an aberration. A delusional effort to convince humanity that they have control over something they do not. The process of physical evolution is controlling, not controlled. We perceive ourselves to be in control of it simply because we see it mirror aspects of our personal nature. It seems to reflect our intentions to a greater or lesser degree, but it always did even before the event of the moment took place.

So we’re biased toward forms that might suggest self-similarity. Yes. We are fractal mirrors. This is the true essence of human “reflection”, contemplation and meditation. Sustaining self-similarity, integrity, survivability.

Attention builds causal force. Things we perceive have the causal influence they do because we believe that they do, and we believe that they do at the most basic level because we are organically set to believe in the physical reality that we are a part of. Physics, in a sense, is encoded in our genetics. We think that human events are arbitrary, that things just happen, that there are fads, that elements of our culture are accidental. This is not so. Our eyes are evolutionary products of light itself. Nothing in human behavior is accidental. Everything is intentional, though it may not be personal. Reality is no respecter of persons, not in a singular way.

I ponder “passive” intentionality and come up a bit lacking. Becoming hungry is passive intentionality, the same with becoming sleepy. Your conscious intentions do in no way differ from these. They just display more complexity, are more “evolved.”

There’s a powerful passive intentionality in sexual drive, also. Yes. We call that libido.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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