Smiles start diplomacy. Conflict resolution without blood shed. Gallons and gallons of too much blood shed and it wasn’t from passion. Was actually very cold. Indoctrinated passion…unnatural.

Life is Communicated in Communication


So, vitality is communication. What is communicated? Only one thing can be communicated. Anyone care to guess?

Memory? Memory is kept and shared, but not by itself communicated.

Space? Our state? Life is communicated. Life=spirit=soul. I do not agree with pantheism myself. As a matter of experience it denies much of the nature and meaning of life in favour of just hand waving sanctity over everything.

You think of your soul as being inside you, but it’s not. You think of your soul as being alone in your mind space. It is not. As I mentioned earlier, vitality is communication, and you have had many beings communicate their own spirit to you. You needed them to. You are nourished not by your own nature but by the essence of the apple tree, or the chicken, fish or beef. You are nourished by the essence of the elemental intelligences as well as educated. Could there be much science without the memory the rocks have so graciously preserved for us? Or even our elders the trees?

Or the stars. Yes, those ancient beings. You are not some simple extension of one Over Being. You are a mingling of countless beings and are also mingled in them. Your spirit is shared by them. They need you to observe them.

I am more chicken than fish. Indeed, and more and more they are discovering that the animals we have so long chose to view as objects are nothing of the kind. A chicken, as foolish as they can seem, outperforms a human four year old in some intellectual tasks. A chimpanzee outperforms an adult human in short term memory tasks, and as they are beginning to really understand language, they are discovering how much language, how much information, is really going around.

They are the descendants of raptors and tyrannosaurus. We eat dragons. We do indeed partake of the blood of dragons. That’s something the druids understood very well when they referred to the sovereign of the land as being the dragon king.

Why do you behave as you do in your life? Is it really because you just decided to?

The forces that surround us and move through us. Hunger has a powerful behavioural impact. Sensory deprivation does as well. Loneliness, social rejection, but also all the things you love. Is love something you just choose to express? Do you love just because you feel like it?

It’s something that takes you over, makes you lose control. Makes you gain control in the face of fear also. Makes you feel centred and whole, safe.

So far have we describe vitality clearly? Are any of these things unrelated to vitality?

I can see how this is felt from a vital person. Also felt for a vital person. Have you ever been around a really vital person and been unmoved? Could you have resisted reacting to them really?

No. They always have an effect on the people around them. Vitality is contagious. A babies laughter or tears would be a clear example.

Yes. It makes the difference between an effective teacher and a poor teacher.

I have a big old text on something called Gnostic voodoo. One part of it that relates to today’s topic is the author and head of his order says there is no such thing as evil spirits or possession by evil spirits. In voodoo, all the processes of nature are governed by spirits that just want to do their jobs. It’s by their nature. He says, when things seem to be going horribly wrong, even supernaturally wrong, it’s not because of evil spirit possession, but because the person has shut off all the spirits. Their body is possessed of no spirits, or not enough spirits. What do you think of this?

So it’s a lack of possession, like not having enough biotics in your body. Yes. Of what value would any of your money be if no one else acknowledged it as being a possession worth having?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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