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We do have a need to give love as well as receive it.

Your Role as the Converter in Communication


How do life processes work?

Ebb and flow. Conversion of energy. All information is energy. Can you have information without energy?

No. So the universe communicates energy to you; light, air, food, water, and many other besides. You are the receiver and also the converter. The reason your role as the converter is vital is there are emergent processes that can only occur with your step in the conversion process. You contribute a unique element to the converted or “interpreted” information which you then rebroadcast for the consumption of the world around you. You are observed as well as being an observer. This might raise the question, why does the universe want you? Ever ask yourself that?

No, never. Excellent, but many people do. To answer the question you also have to answer, why do you want yourself? The two questions have the same answer. Time is the basic field. Time is rhythms, gaps, spaces. Tao is the Chinese thinking, the void element. For those of you who are artistically inclined, what happens to a song if you miss a few beats? Or in acting?

Out of sync. Because the phrase missing the beat is a dramatic acting reference.

It creates dissonance.

What happens if an actor misses a few lines? Can that just be ignored? Left in?

It ruins the movie or play. Is the performance better if it’s taken out?

They have to start over again. Sometimes it’s better to leave the spontaneous things in, though. It depends on how good the other actors are at improvising. You can only improvise so far.

This is where bounded rationality kicks in. Your personal information is of necessity constrained. The information of any single mind is restricted. Time converts to space to permit memory. Space is memory or broader rhythms. It’s extenuated superpositions. What this means is space as we know it arises to allow our personal expressed information to be distributed optimally. You leave foot prints for others to follow. As Dr. Sheldrake would say it, you create a path for future events to move through. Because you were possible more things like you become possible, but you are not possible unless you are expressed, and expression means to draw out … at length. Education also means to draw out.

And it’s all speeding up in this information age, more paths. Yes.

Time space can also contract, and does in phases. In fact, I learned the physics explanation of a phase. Remember my efforts to describe the outside? The domain between universes? Well, like a physical phase, it’s a still point in the middle of a lucid system that permits the system to “self organize” without itself having any of the traits of the system that organizes around it. Like that eye of a hurricane or the nucleus of an atom, it isn’t any more important than any other part of the system, or any less, but it is very definitely different. It follows different logic. Does this clarify anything?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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