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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

Vitality is Communication in Communication


To begin I have to ask a question. What is vitality?

Energy? Youthfulness?

An exuberance for living.

Life force.

Vibrant energy.

I will offer another view today. Vitality is communication. Everything that we use to track time and growth arises from a process of communication.

Is there life without expressed function?

What’s expressed function? Breath. A process or dynamic that animates it. Even those organisms that don’t respire in the normal way still express a dynamic that perpetuates their own survival. Can any organism survive entirely by itself?

Probably not.

Not that comes to mind.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument you could isolate a single organism safely so that its own processes were entirely self contained. What do you feel would happen?


It would get lonely.

If an organism is isolated to itself it engages in a biological monologue. It would be expressing its own processes constantly without any reference or error checking, no feedback to correct any corruption of its own healthy processes.

Nothing to compare with.

Noise would increase as the signal kept repeating and overlapping with itself. In the end, noise kills. To survive, you must have the environment communicate to you; warmth and sunlight, atmospheric gasses of a variety of types, even sound. In total prolonged isolation a person will panic uncontrollably, even theoretically to the point of heart attack or attempts at self destructive behaviour. Why is this do you think? By isolation, I mean sensory isolation.

We all need interaction.

At first, the person may just begin a dream-like hallucination, but that monologue can’t last for very long. Beyond that the experiences become more and more nightmarish. The brain begins to characterize or rationalize anything that occurs to it as a threat. What do you think of this?

I have experienced that, so many negative thoughts.


It has been proven scientifically that focus can restrict sensory uptake. You will literally not perceive sounds and sight you aren’t open to. They won’t register in your brain. I offer that most people who adhere to a conventional view of the real world exercise their focus and attention in this way, and thus it’s so common to hear of “bad trips” when the person gets around to trying psychotropics.

Can you move quickly and pay open attention to the world around you?

No. Not by yourself. Can you think quickly and notice fully everything around you?

Most, but not all.

There is a phenomenon called the Schumann resonance. The air seems pretty free of anything other than the atmosphere we expect to be there, but in fact there is a complex field of energy flowing through it at all times. The air is constantly electrified. This is why the contact like condition that is necessary for lightening is even possible. There is a constant electrical field to connect to the polarized locations.

Or in other words, is there ever a time in the atmosphere without radio noise? Any space that has no noise?

That’s the same energy that causes you to get shocked when you touch metals on a dry day? Yes, it is and it has a measurable wavelength. It’s about 7 Hz. Which is the same wavelength our brain signals fall into when we experience dreamless sleep.

Don’t they record solar system noise all the time? They do. Space is kind of a loud place. You can look at solar noise in our atmosphere. It’s the aurora near the poles.

They say there is a whisper that is actually the echo of the big bang, but not sure I believe that one. Shall I offer an alternative to the the big bang?

Time converts to space, and mass converts to length. Time space are too different poles of one dimension, and mass and length are just the visible expression of that expansion and contraction. There was never a big bang, just a constant shift. Like the shift in any fluid, this fluid flows through a structure something like a 3-sphere. A sphere extended into four dimensions. Interesting so far?

Yes, and it makes a lot more sense considering how evolution works. No sudden events at all just movement. Yes, the multiverse only evolves. No vacuum anywhere. Now what this means for today’s topic of vitality is the life urge is a cosmic tidal force. You as an individual serve a very vital purpose.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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