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We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Just Play in Communication


Have I succeeded in communicating here? If so has it drained you? If it has drained you I offer an alternative reason. Let’s explore this. As a child when you endured a hurt that made you cry, did it take anything away from you for very long?

You had the hurt moment, then got bored, wanted to get back to playing. You knew the hurt didn’t really mean as much as the game. Do you still understand that? Really? Or do you protect yourself from hurts so much you have stopped playing games? Does it matter really if someone insults you?

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Playing the game means just living as you want to? In a sense, but living as you want to means living with people to play with. One of a child’s biggest lamentations is having no one to play with, and honestly, when the sexual attraction gets old, we still want our partners because we still want someone to play with, and we do honestly love them.

The hurts do matter, just don’t have to dwell on them. Actually, the hurts don’t matter. The reason I say that is because originally if a child hurt our feelings, we were afraid because it would mean we couldn’t play with them anymore. Are we still concerned about that?

In Second Life we are. That is where admin get their power from. Being the ones in control of who plays and who doesn’t. We have the authentic human reality resurrected here, or can have that, but we stop checking on the other player. We have stopped checking on the other child. We just assume that we can’t play anymore.

If it’s someone you have to deal with a lot, if they are bold enough to insult you to your face, they may also do things behind your back to hurt you.┬áThey are never bold by insulting you. The insult is not about you. They feel they risk being left out of the game. They fear it more than you do. Do those who insult ever do it just occasionally? Is it ever anything other than chronic?

They do it a lot. I would not insult you. Even if I do not actually like you, I won’t insult you, and it’s not because of some abstract social rule. I simply don’t want to. It isn’t any fun, and it hurts the empathy that I do have, disturbs the peace. I prefer to just play.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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