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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Out of Communication in Communication


Perhaps we might better understand vitality by why we come to lack it. Without communication, what do we have? When you have felt yourself to be out of communication, what did you experience?


It depends on whether or not I craved communication. Actually, it doesn’t depend on that. The reason I say this is when we feel we do not crave communication we often feel we have adequate communication in something else. Was this not true for you? Monks sitting all day in silent meditation feel they have adequate communication.


We fear miscommunication. We fear noise. They say we fear the unknown, we do not. We are often confident we can handle experiencing a new thing. We fear the unintelligible. We fear life might stop making any sense for us and that we won’t be able to recover. This is why we say misery loves company. Even misery makes sense, and we want to communicate it. They say “better the devil you know”, but that’s another topic all together.

What leads us into a noise filled life?

Living by other peoples rules.

Being hectic. Can you feel alive, that you are truly living, in a noise filled life?

No. Noise is always an echo. The devil, that makes you do the things you find so uncomfortable, is your own echo.

I prefer to go through dungeons all by myself. It’s much harder, but I can take the time to soak everything in and not be rushed. My wife and I prefer not to group in World of Warcraft also. I have tried it. Most other players seem like frantic level seeking monkeys. Which is unfair of me to say, because even monkeys will settle down and groom or relax when they need to.

Noise is an echo of our own minds and gets louder the more busy our minds get. Why do we yell to hear our own echo? Why is everybody screaming?

You have to scream to be heard above the din. Actually, only above one sound, but it’s one horrible sound. It’s “the shot heard around the world” and this has been echoed many times. The drone strikes in Syria, the suicide attack on the twin towers, the assassination of JFK, the holocaust, the rape of the planet. These are all one sound. Why are we making it?

Yes, it’s always about never forgetting some past tragedy. Never forget. Never forgive. Never give. Always take. Gotta get mine before you get it first. Trying to take by force what was and still is freely given. That one sound I mention, it’s a word. “MINE!” echoing. MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! ….

We’re all a bunch of screaming two year olds.

There was an alliance at one time, but the moral absolutism, the idealism and progress obsession, these deny the fundamental truths of life itself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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