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Mind works whether we want it to or not, or is it lobotomies for all? Shall we sit in the vapid silence of not knowing anything? Or maybe move with the rhythm of the entirety of our being, evil mind and all.

Secret Of Longevity in Communication


Our attention is a shifting thing, highly mutable, but is our body any different, really?

Our body is changing all the time. Some of those changes are so vital that our life depends on them. The renewal of our cell tissues is incredibly important, and it’s a radical change. But even the rhythm of our heart is a changeable thing.

The heart changes shape every time it beats. Exactly. It’s good the heart usually has a strong memory.

Neurons change when they fire. Indeed. Their linkages change as a matter of course. Our flesh and blood itself is communication made flesh. What happens when communication becomes garbled, incoherent or contradictory?

Disease, illness, jumbled pattern and more ways to go wrong. Indeed, and we go wrong in those ways. Thus rocks outlive us, as do trees, some forms of fungi can, some birds routinely do, tortoises. Seeing a pattern here?

Do we commit more acts of communication than a rock? It can be argued that we have a broader range of communication than the rock, yes, and more quality and complexity of response.

The rocks are better at maintaining their coherent communication? They never really broke coherency.

Humans are catching up though. Are and can. This is true.

The secret of these things longevity is simple, and it is in their communication. Humanity has plagued itself. Many schools of mysticism support this argument. The plague it afflicted itself with was the sense of disconnection from the world. We as a species excommunicated ourselves.

We lost half of the conversation? Exactly. We started seeing the world as a collection of objects, possessions, and we fear being possessed in this day and age. I guess we fear that the unseen forces will treat us like we treat others. Guilty conscience maybe. The old conversation manifested in a lot of ways, and the reporters went by a lot of titles, prophet, shaman, wizard, magi. The list is too long to make for interesting conversation, but these early communicators saw the world as something that could be listened to, learned from.

They hadn’t put aside living experience in favour of mechanistic models. They embraced the agency of anything and everything present in the world, and thus came to display insights that we would consider supernatural in this day and age. We all understand that we can get a feel for a single individuals personality, even that we can get a sense for the spirit of personality behind a group, but why not the sky? Why not the whole world? It’s really a delusion to believe that we understand people with one part of our minds and the world with another.

Even the planets have different personalities according to them. Indeed, as they have different positions or points of view if you will, and though scientists still deny that the planets have anything to do with it, they are now acknowledging that what season you were born in does influence your personality noticeably.

How did they know that Jupiter was the most dominant planet? It looks like a tiny dot in the sky. Well, even if our own planet has to lip read for us, we can communicate across our whole solar system if we listen to our own planet. Every planet is in the gravity field of our star, and gravity is structured energy, living energy even, as energy by definition is life and life is energy.

All matter is waves. As a simple song I sometimes enjoy states in it’s only lyric, “Waves are waves.” [waves to everyone]

Is energy intelligent? Energy is intelligent. It’s the basis of our intelligence and is intelligent in any other form it takes, as well.

We communicate through our chakras? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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