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Smiles start diplomacy. Conflict resolution without blood shed. Gallons and gallons of too much blood shed and it wasn’t from passion. Was actually very cold. Indoctrinated passion…unnatural.

Language in Communication


Did you know that the word coincidence means fitting perfectly? It originally did. Co-incidence = mutual happening. The term occult means hidden from sight. This is where we get the word occlusion, but the only party that has made anything hidden from sight is humans. Animals don’t do it. Animals will bathe themselves and mate right in front of us. The elements don’t hide anything. There is no such thing as a ninja storm, just ones that human beings didn’t pay attention to.

I’ve heard the English language was designed to be vague and deceptive. Yes. It was intended as a trade language. It was considered too vulgar to be used in spiritual services of any kind and is why international society is as paranoid as it is. Just because they suspect it, doesn’t mean the other nation isn’t out to get them.

I’ve heard Tibetans say it’s hard to teach here because English doesn’t have the words to describe spirituality. Other languages like Chinese have multiple meanings to things and in that way they keep the communication between elements built into the language. Indeed. The worlds most spiritual societies performed a sort of alchemy with their communication. Rather than bending the world to their words, they used their words for things in the world to explore more things. They gave everything roots. The ancient languages are like trees, and what do we do to trees?

Aramaic was a teaching language designed so that each listener would hear a different message corresponding with their level of understanding. That’s true. The Norse languages was similar. It was rich with metaphor. Our word “thing” originally had a metaphysical meaning for them as did the word “luck.” This is where we got those words and the characters of their written language were deeply diverse as well. Just trying to read something in their ancient script would put you into an altered state. The word “allthing” was their name for the biggest spiritual gathering they ever had in a year.

And now “thing” is the most common and vulgar word we have. The least descriptive. Yes.

People often dismiss the value of magick words. It’s even taken as a joke, but your words are so powerful as to dictate your every action even without speaking. You can’t bake a cake without words.

Reading Norse can put you in an altered state? It can, so can reading Ogham, and Sumerian. Ogham and Sumerian are actually similar. In the case of Ogham, it exploits the sort of binary tendency of the brain.

I used to know the Ogham alphabet. I really got into the book, “America B.C.: Ancient Settlers in the New World“. It was about Celtic people who got here before Columbus and left Ogham inscriptions everywhere but no one knew what they were because they look like parallel lines. The Ogham in Europe was erased by Christians. Much like Cuneiform.

So America actually has the most ancient inscriptions. They defaced much language. Logos is the word for “word”, but is also a reference to Gods.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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