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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

Multiversal Globe in Multiverse

Rainbow Gravity

To start at the top of the multiversal globe…

At the top of the multiversal globe you have a very dense space, a zone rich with energy and form, the early structures that would give rise to our matter. As you move along the various latitudinal bands… Pardon, this high density space also has consciousness, high density observer matrix… As you move along the latitudinal bands, the energy gets less dense, the time more stretched and consciousness more constrained. The information exchange rate slows with less of the medium to carry it.

At the opposite pole of the multiversal globe, you would have all systems at their maximal stage of “heat death” which can never be absolute as it is constrained by the same principles that gave rise to the opposite poles coherence in the first place. Heat death is chaos, no energy is lost, but it is minimally held by any given energy system, highly contested. This is what motivates those natives to seek higher energy space.

Now the multiverse doesn’t actually form a globe, it’s more like a complex tube, called many things and showing up in many myths. For our own convenience let’s call it the well of souls.

Shall we bring this down to earth? Any questions or comments before we do?

We’re envied for our high energy state? By the downsiders yes, some of them. There are as many law abiding citizens of that band as there are here though, and there are higher energy miscreants as well.

We’re the oil in the multi-verse? Yes.

So earth, it’s time space is a refractory lattice, more like a crystal than a globe really, and just as light and energy are refracted by the influence of gravitic force, consciousness itself is multiplexed. This is what’s behind quantum theories of consciousness.

Everyone familiar with the basics of quantum consciousness? I will explain.

Your thoughts and moments of consciousness, all the perceivable shifts that make up your conscious and subconscious experience, are not the start or core of the process, not the neural signalling, they are instead the end point of an energy state they call a superposition. A superposition is entangled energy. As energy is defined as the potential to do work, energy ultimately is the same as probability. In each moment at least a couple of things are probable for your awareness. It’s only when that balance gets weighted heavily one way or the other that you have a conscious thought or make an observation, but the complimentary energy is not lost. It’s instead distributed to a different track in time space. It moves down the bandwidth, takes a step closer to the infra-red, metaphorically speaking. This is why the lower energy bands seem too vile to us, so scary and repulsive. They tend to hold all those repressed tendencies, unwanted and ugly sentiments making people judge them in a knee jerk fashion as evil. Haunting zones would be one example of a node of low energy contacting our own band.

Interesting, a world of second choices. But it’s not all vertical. There is horizontal distribution as well.

Is it those energy bands that give you gut feelings? They do, and that information is derived from what most would consider mundane light, mundane energy. The assumption is that extrasensory phenomenon would rely on some individual energy. This is not at all the case. It’s embedded in normal physical energy and structure.

Maybe they are where instincts come from. In born things like spiders being able to weave a web without being taught. Indeed. Our ability to weave a reality is like that as well. Our reality as we experience it doesn’t exist in any absolute sense.

It is like pre-programmed thoughts? Preformed, not programmed, not artificial. It’s an echo of higher order space.¬†Our own space time just exhibits conformance behaviour. Higher order space is what exerts the influence attributed to Sheldrake’s morphic fields.

Can an instinct not evolve in an entire species? Yes. I lack elements of key human instincts and others still are distorted, but there are cases in every species.

But you could sort out the distortion if you worked on it long enough? I am capable of adaption, yes, though I will never actually share in the experience that occurs naturally for most human beings. At most I can parallel it, approximate it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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