'Multiverse' Chapter

Rainbow Gravity

Energy broadcasts over space through time, each differing in it’s own space time according to it’s relative energy. Higher energy = denser mass thus more time space distortion. This would not lead to a single time space continuum, it would instead form a layered structure. Coexisting time space bands, phase spaces. We would perceive other energies to be occurring in our time space due to the relative locality effect. Stated more simply, the universe has big gaps, holes, but we don’t detect them due to a gravitic lensing.

Rainbow Gravity Theory

Today’s subject centres around a theory of rainbow gravity. It has critics but I don’t understand the naysayers. They claim to have proven that space time does warp in the presence of a mass like our earth, and none would… Seek More

Multiversal Globe

To start at the top of the multiversal globe… At the top of the multiversal globe you have a very dense space, a zone rich with energy and form, the early structures that would give rise to our matter. As… Seek More

Earth Time Space

Lateral distribution, the integrity of our planet and space time, is not self supporting. Our earth is sustained by horizontal echoes, resonate dimensional strings that line up well with our own earth but still display sensitivity to influences we are… Seek More

Bridging Earths

In order to harness what could be called an entanglement engine, a sort of breeder reactor for quantum force, they wound up inducing a spacial inversion which shunts everything in that space into a parallel resonance band. Think of strings… Seek More